Hillary Clinton Announces WONDERFUL NEWS FOR AMERICA !

Yay! Hillary says she’s done. Thanks to the ‘deplorables’ who put the shovel to her.

But just to be sure,  every time she twitches, we have to hit her again until she learns! 😉
[You may want to stock up on shovels]


The future of this great country got just a little bit brighter this morning, Interviewed by Jane Pauley on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” program, Hillary Clinton revealed that she is “done with being a candidate.” The former presidential contender said her reign as a politician has ended,

Pauley: Is your political career over?

Clinton: Yes. As an active politician, it’s over.

Pauley: You will never be a candidate for office

Clinton: I am done with being a candidate, but I am not done with politics because I literally believe that our country’s future is at stake.

Of course, she isn’t done with politics, she’s made too much money off her political career and that of her husband former President Bubba Clinton.

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19 Comments on Hillary Clinton Announces WONDERFUL NEWS FOR AMERICA !

  1. I will no longer seek elected office but will continue pursuing things that bring joy to me, like eating spiders and baby birds. Chomping the heads off big noisy toads. And showering naked for Bill, which causes him to have convulsive nausea.

    So yeah. I’m living a dream life.

  2. This is a nothingburger. All that’s happened is she’s figured out that it will be easier to continue being the evil influence on everything around her by spending her time NOT being a candidate as compared to BEING a candidate. Yawn. Puke.

  3. Heck, I’ll even throw some money into the tip jar if Mr. Hat schedules a day. No articles and all comments about you-know-who banned.


    She won’t be a candidate (maybe) but she will accept an APPOINTMENT to political office no doubt.

  5. This Gives Hill’y The Open Door To Look Needed or Wanted !
    She Will Say ” I Was Done – Ready to Just Help The Needy ” But I Was Recruited Like A Freshman at Tryouts (I’m so Real ) !!!

  6. Not until she gets a stake through her heart, and someone fills her mouth with salt and sews it shut, then gets buried in a steel coffin welded shut and the grave sealed with concrete with a priest speaking holy incantations of exorcism over the grave will I ever believe that she is through with being an active candidate. Remember, everything that comes out of that bitches’ mouth is a straight lie.

  7. Does this mean “it’s” going to bypass the messy election thing and go straight to killing it’s way to power.


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