Hillary Clinton keeps whining in Georgetown speech

Get over it already!

FOX: Hillary Clinton visited Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security on Monday and presented an award named after herself to Nadia Murad, a former ISIS prisoner; and Wai Nu, a former political prisoner from Myanmar.

During her speech, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee continued many of the themes she had spoken about during and after the campaign – the power of women; the inequalities they face; and, of course, how terribly unfair the world has been to Hillary Clinton.

During a pivotal moment in the presidential campaign, Donald Trump was asked if he would concede the election should he lose to Clinton. He responded that he “will keep you in suspense.”

Clinton called his answer “horrifying” and said he was “talking down democracy.” I was also critical of Trump’s comment. The idea that a candidate for president wouldn’t accept the legitimacy of the eventual winner was indeed horrifying.

But since then, Hillary Clinton has consistently complained about President Trump’s legitimacy. She alludes to the election having been stolen and engages in the same type of attack on our democracy that she accused candidate Trump of making with his comments.

Talking to NPR last September, Clinton said she wouldn’t rule out questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election as we learn more about Russian involvement.  read more

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  1. I think that the whole nation is now finding it completely laughable is over a year after she defeated herself, she is still touring with excuses. And she wrote a whole book of excuses!

    She wanted to be president, but she fell short. From early in Arkansas to the present. She is a failure! Everything she touches including Bill becomes corrupt. She should not have even been the candidate, but I am glad she was 🙂

  2. This is actually great. Can you imagine how desperate and disgruntled you have to already be to enter a Hillary speech? Then to be presented with excuses as if it never should of happened. Then to leave the venue realizing, yes, it did happen. That was a big waste of time and money going to see her.

  3. President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton was the the most qualified crooked politician to ever run for anything in peoplekind! She was simply misunderstood and either ahead of her times, or behind her times, because it was the best of times and the worst of times. It’s all there to read in her book about how American white racists banded together with Russian Colluders and Macedonian Content Farmers and Wickilickers and others to be revealed in a little while at the next book signing. Isn’t this the best catastrophe ever witnessed by anyone who ever hated this harridan? It can only get better as her involvement with the Golden Showers Dossier gets closer to her colluders. I hope it doesn’t end until they finally slam her in a federal penitentiary, but I’m going to feel sorry for her jailers, who will have to listen to Clinton’s excuses for months on end.

  4. Hillary thinks reality, also losing the presidential election, is a “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”.
    But mainly, Hillary thinks that reality is a vast right-wing conspiracy.

  5. So the woman who abused a 12 year old rape victim, thereby giving us RAPE SHIELD LAWS, and trashed her husband’s rape victims, gives out awards to women in her name.

    Why do women put up with this shit?

  6. When has there ever been a democrat lose an election and not say it was stolen? It’s their sense of entitlement.

  7. She is the one who colluding with the Russians. The completely discredited dossier was fabricated by the Russians and paid for by her!

  8. She really outdid herself at this event. She also talked about how women are more adversely affected by climate change and will be take the brunt of the destruction as they’ll be responsible for moving their families and livestock searching for livable lands, crossing the desert lands of the US in order to avoid all the crops on fire while also having to chop firewood and live in some dystopian Mad Max world. The woman is delusional and insane as is anyone that believes a word that crosses her diseased ridden lips.

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