Hillary Clinton noticed Comey was using a personal email account for FBI business

10 Comments on Hillary Clinton noticed Comey was using a personal email account for FBI business

  1. Tweet of the day! But she should have kept her mouth shut. He’s as guilty as she is. Why call attention to yourself, Hill?

  2. But but but but but…… HE did it too!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. This is a banana you feckless cunt!

    Not to defend that prick bastard Comey but this filthy whore tried the same shit with Colin Powell and Condi Rice. (Blame the black folk, eh Hill?)

    Not even close you maggot!

    What really frosts me though is the ignorant bastards who are so clueless as to what she did can equate the two.

  4. One of my dogs was poisoned twice by the hillbilly neighbors next door because she chased their cats….my dog died. Semi rural community. It shouldn’t have been a problem…

    Hillary and Comey are the poison that won’t quit and they are chasing their own cat….

  5. The funniest part is that now she’s going to go to her grave trying to out-dumb Comey. ‘At least when EYE did it, I didn’t know I had classified emails.’ Ugh.

  6. Just remember that Mussolini thought he was above it all until just a few hours before he received the bullet in his head.

  7. You have to really wonder or question the intelligence of not just the evil one, but her handlers.

    My god did they not realize she had not had sufficient quantities of Chardonnay to put her to sleep? Somebody is going to be in trouble for not baby sitting her properly.

  8. Why doesn’t the use of personal email by government employees surprise me? How else would they avoid the radar. Maybe its time to make it a felony to do any government business using personal email, but who would you find to actually enforce the rule… rules are for someone else.


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