Hillary Clinton talks cyber security at Stanford

Stop laughing. She really did…

Unless her first tip was “don’t ever take cyber security advice from Hillary Clinton” it was a counterproductive speech:

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  1. This is beyond ridiculous. You have to ask yourself ‘what is really going on’ with these speeches?

    Hillary is raking in beaucoup bucks for speeches about crap she knows nothing about. These speeches are not allowed to be recorded, and no one is allowed to talk about them, from what I understand. And she wouldn’t release any transcripts of any them before the election. Why?

    This is someone that I don’t think could stumble her way home without a keeper. WHY would anyone want to pay to listen to a single thing she has to say?

  2. I’m guessing that a lot of people go to her speeches because there’s a small (but possible) chance that at that particular time she might have another seizure and die, and they want to be there to see it.

    I’d buy a ticket myself if I could be sure it was going to happen.

  3. I would ask her what the best weight of hammer should be used to smash anything that holds incriminating information.

    You have to use more muscle with the lighter hammers if their weight isn’t enough to crush on it’s own and one could tire too quickly if a 4 lb sledge or larger is used. Or is it better to have a squad of hard drive and Blackberry smashers wielding multiple hammers. You know, a “many hands make light work” thing?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  4. We’ve long known that Hillary and husband are the human equivalent of cockroaches. What I’ve always found so disturbing is the millions in this country that are completely blind to it.

  5. ‘Use of server silencers are cyber security’.

    I FINALLY figured it out! Sane people, (everyone not a progressive, leftist zombie) are labeling HRC’s speaking engagements incorrectly. They are a part of the, Hillary The Lying, Cheating, Horror Comedy Tour! It’s a comedy act. Nothing coming from the wretched human waste named HRC is worth any more attention given to any flop of a failed comedic performance. Bring in the hook and get her off the stage. She wouldn’t have lasted past introduction on, THE GONG SHOW.

  6. Ummm, hello. Her server was secure because, like, there was a Secret Service agent standing in front of the door and he was armed with tactical microfiber towels found in some of the greatest auto detailing shops in the world.



  7. @Burner: Actually, two behind the ear with the silencer pressed against the skull makes .22 caliber cyber-security work pretty well.

    Just ask the Mossad.


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