Hillary Clinton to Launch Her Own Podcast

What should she name it?

Breitbart: Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will launch her own podcast amid the heat of the 2020 election, according to Politico.

Clinton, who served as secretary of State and a U.S. Senator from New York, plans to begin the program in the spring, though the name for her show remains untitled. It will be produced by the Texas-based iHeartMedia, which hosted popular podcasts such as Hollywood actor Will Ferrel’s Ron Burgundy Podcast and The Joe Rogan Experience.

Clinton opted to start her own podcast after she and her daughter Chelsea appeared on an episode of Conan O’Brien’s audio show Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.

“Conan just exudes enthusiasm about this platform and he does these interviews that are really evergreen and the idea with her, in part inspired by that experience, is to do the same thing,” a Clinton insider told Politico. “She wants to try to have a wider-ranging conversation that will be lasting, so you can listen to it in a year or you can listen to it tomorrow and it will be interesting. And then of course she’ll do some ranting and raving about news of the day.” read more

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  1. As far as I am concerned, she will be talking to her self. What ever she has to say I’m not interested in the least.

  2. “…and he does these interviews that are really evergreen and the idea with her, in part inspired by that experience…” Is that meaningless word salad or am I just being obtuse?

  3. Advice on:

    “How to eat better and drink less”.

    …Before you show up at a 9-11 memorial and drop like a sack of poe-ta-toes.

    “How to show up at you daughters new place refreshed after falling down.”

    …And greet and HUG a child a couple of hours later.

    “How to put together a wardrobe, with a set of curtains.”

    …And THEN walk out in public too!

  4. …make it a game show:
    “Can You Get Drunk Enough To Make Me Look Good”.

    …do a shot every time Hillary blames someone else.

    …although I suspect the alcohol poisioning will get the ENTIRE first night audience, under those rules…

  5. …its a Life Hack program…tips on everything from removing stains from blue dresses to removing stubborn Justices from the Supreme Court, but she always seeks audience advice for removing blood stains from her hands, since “Out, Damn Spot!” isn’t working…

  6. It will be hacked by Macedonian Content Farmers before it gets too popular. Then it will really be Chardonnay Time. “What the Hell Happened!” Volume III, coming to a discount bin at Costco in a couple of months.

  7. What in the hell kind of outsized ego drives her to think anyone is interested? I’m embarrassed for her. Why can’t these people just take up a hobby (not in the public sphere), take up an interest in their grandchildren, learn how to knit or something worthwhile that actually helps someone besides themselves? Ever hear of volunteer work, Killery?

  8. Why do I feel like she’s not going away? People that rub her the wrong way usually get rubbed out. Oh and another thing, what was Webb Hubbell thinking mounting up on this thing? Must of been one of those free for all sex partys with Bill on some bimbo’s and everybody to high to care?

  9. “How I was shot at on a tarmac and lived to talk about it”

    …and you can do the same, when visiting the main streets of…Chappaqua!

    “how you can learn to be a Carpet Bagging Senator.”

    …and you can talk to Kirsten Gillebrand sitting here next too me.

  10. “Murder By Numbers”

    …even has a theme song…


    “Once that you’ve decided on a killing
    First you make a stone of your heart
    And if you find that your hands are still willing
    Then you can turn a murder into art

    There really isn’t any need for bloodshed
    You just do it with a little more finesse
    If you can slip a tablet into someone’s coffee
    Then it avoids an awful lot of mess

    It’s murder by numbers, one, two, three
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC’s
    It’s murder by numbers, one, two, three
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC’s

    Now if you have a taste for this experience
    If you’re flushed with your very first success
    Then you must try a twosome or a threesome
    You’ll find your conscience bothers you much less

    Because murder is like anything you take to
    It’s a habit-forming need for more and more
    You can bump off every member of your family
    And anybody else you find a bore

    Because it’s murder by numbers, one, two, three
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC’s
    Murder by numbers, one, two, three
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC’s

    Now you can join the ranks of the illustrious
    In history’s great dark hall of fame
    All our greatest killers were industrious
    At least the ones that we all know by name

    But you can reach the top of your profession
    If you become the leader of the land
    For murder is the sport of the elected
    And you don’t need to lift a finger of your hand”
    “Murder By Numbers”, Andy Summers




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