Hillary Compares Herself To Churchill – Yes, I See It – IOTW Report

Hillary Compares Herself To Churchill – Yes, I See It


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  1. Why does this empty headed broad compare herself to the greatest politican of the 20th century? She is not fit to shine his shoes!!
    Same comparison as Webster’s unlimited dictionary and a 25 cent Mad Magazine.

  2. Winston must be spinning in his grave. The Bitch of Ben Gozzi compares herself to the Lion. Winston could handle his Whisky at least. Wonder what Churchill would’ve thought about the sack of potatoes launched into the back of the Scooby Van?

  3. Compared to Winston when he was alive, or now, some 50+ years dead?

    I think it’s the second one.

  4. Same comparison between Websters Unabridged Dictionary [well beyond huge]
    And a $.10 Superman comic book.

  5. Lets go down the list.

    They both had strokes which limited their thinking abilities…

    They both weigh about 230 pounds.

    They both failed to counter Russia…

    And neither one was ever president of the United states.

  6. Churchill was a leader.

    She is a failed politician. Failed human being as well.

    There is nothing in common between the two.

  7. The Queen made Winston Churchill a knight entitled to the use the word Sir in front of his name. No one will ever make hellary a Dame, who is a dumb broad, a harpy, a harridan maybe but never a Dame. Next thing she’ll tell us is her real middle name is Winston. Dame hellary Winston Rodham the 3rd or something similar. Churchill was smart, hellary ain’t, she married slick willie after all trying to use him as her means to total power and control over America and the world. But God and the deplorables and President Trump had other plans.

  8. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be remembered for one truly great accomplishment: She got Donald J. Trump elected President of the United States of America.

  9. Nice job on the photoshop Fur.

    The closest Hillary ever got to Churchill is Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. They saddled her up, put a bit in her mouth and hit her with a whip.

    She was so slow that she held up the production line at the glue factory.

  10. Each morning I wake up and thank the Lord and the good sense of the American people that The Bitch of Benghazi is NOT our
    President! MAGA!

    She, and her whole phucking family, in-laws included, couldn’t shine Churchill’s boots.

    BFH caught her without makeup. No wonder Bubba was a fukabout.

  11. Churchill had Big Ben.
    Hillary had Benghazi.

    Churchill likely had to dodge actual sniper fire.

    Churchill enjoyed a good cigar.
    Sorry Hillary, I know that is a sore subject for you…

  12. A complete psychopath from birth. Bill is a sociopath serial rapist, but Hillary is the real deal when it comes to self-delusion. Chelsea’s got the genes as well, no matter who her Daddy is. Female Hitler re-borne. Thank God she lost, and always will. She will never realize or admit it, never. Please keep her Vodka IV full you poor Secret Service agents.

  13. “Hillary Compares Herself To Churchill”

    That’s because no rational person would.
    Contrast, maybe – certainly not compare.

    izlamo delenda est …


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