Hillary Declares She’s Not Running

The former secretary of state and twice-failed presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton, made it official last night by stating her intention not to run again for president. Though stepping asside from the fight for the White House, Clinton won’t be going away any time soon.

“I’m not running, but I’m going to keep working, and speaking, and standing up for what I believe,” Clinton said in an interview with News 12, last week in New York.  More


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26 Comments on Hillary Declares She’s Not Running

  1. Awww, that’s a shame. Her ego could not handle being beaten by Bernie, Kamala or even hickenlooper.

  2. It is hoped that she’ll be indicted before the election and all the socialist schemes of the democrat party come to light.

  3. Will she, this time, be willing to “accept” the nomination? If “somebody else” (somebody else’s money) bribes the DNC? And somebody else campaigns for her? For enough of somebody else’s money?

  4. “… but I’m going to keep working, and speaking, and standing up for what I believe …”

    Working, speaking, and standing up for lies, corruption, theft, murder, hate, anti-Americanism, socialism, infanticide, and chaos?

    What a lying sack of monkey shit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. After the debates slaughter all the rest of the clowns and there is a great divide in the Demorrhoid Party….Hillary and Holder will step in and fill the gap to save the day.

    Easy…peasy…and cheap.

  6. That’s the best news I’ve heard lately. One minute of her the other day was more than I could take.

  7. Actually, the 200 people who did her campaigning for her in 2016 told her that she isn’t running.

  8. She will always be President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton to me. If not for that outdated concept of the Electoral College, and those damned Macedonian Content Farmers stealing those emails, and the Russians cloaking Wisconsin so that she didn’t see it on the map, and black, brown, white, and female voter suppression in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, and Cubans in Florida remembering how her husband shipped Elian Gonzalez back to Castro, and that damned walking dead act on 9/11, and…and….and….if it wasn’t for run on sentences being grammatically frowned on I could go on for ever. It’s all in the third volume her book, “What the Hell Happened!” It’s in the discount bin at Safeway.

  9. “working and speaking”
    Who else totally disagrees with her definition of “working” as opposed to what we all do?

    Unless she meant working a mark, a patsy, a victim. The way all grifters do.

  10. “I’m not running, but I’m going to keep working, and speaking, and standing up for what I believe,”

    She may “keep working and speaking”, but who cares anymore about what she is working on/for and speaking about?

    As for “I’m not running”….she is absolutely correct. She already has enough problems “standing up”. One who can’t stay erect on their feet certainly can’t run.

  11. “Ya’ll ain’t a-gonna have Hillary Clinton to kick around anymore!”
    Hopefully it won’t be like Dick Nixon….

  12. Didn’t Bill say he would finish out his full term as governor and wouldn’t run for president? Didn’t Hillary promise she would serve out her term as senator?
    I’m not running — and the full statement is — right now!
    I have no doubt all the wanna-bes will burn out and she’ll be “implored” to jump in, and will do so reluctantly but gladly for the “good of the cause”.

  13. Different Tim – Ah the difference a half century makes.
    50 years ago she wuz putting dents in a headboard.
    Now she’s putting dents in the side of vans (from the inside).
    No wunder Bubba sez she never did quite understand the concept of giving head…

  14. Her select audience speeches (defined as “work”) is a smokescreen because she is running scared, like her former boss. Another run at the Oval Office would threaten to expose her treasonous activity all the more – not that Mueller and his cronies give a rip because THAT would also expose them as complicit criminals.

    Pretty sure our President has his HRC strategy prepped and at the ready.

  15. I would believe her more if she admitted she’s not thinking. PERIOD!
    “I’m tryna think, butt nuttins happenin.”


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