Hillary Equates Gun Owners With Terrorists

Says They Are “Prone to Violence.”

Bearing Arms:


Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks that “gun free zone” signs work, twice claims that modern sporting rifles are “automatic weapons,” and states that owners of the most popular rifle sold in the United States today are a small group “that terrorizes the majority of

The June 17, 2014 interview shows just how out of touch Clinton is with a nation where the majority of people in this country who favor gun rights. Clinton went on to bizarrely claim that those who do not bow to her views on gun control are “prone to violence.”  more

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  1. She might be correct. Add a comment sometime to a leftist discussion on firearms about your ammunition stash or how many AR15s you own.

    They’ll treat you like a terrorist every time.

  2. I equate politicians with graft and corruption.

    When asked why he robs banks, Willie Sutton replied, “Cause that’s where the money is.”

    The Clintons are in politics ’cause that’s where the graft money, the corruption resides. Like flies to a pile of fresh horse manure the Clintons are drawn to government.

    Hillary needs an orange pants suit with stainless steel bracelets as her sole accessory.

  3. Funny – the Democrats in charge of the Government didn’t seem to have any problem with assault rifles when they handed me a fully automatic M-16 and told me to go forth and smite the enemy.
    Guess they didn’t think about the fact that they might be creating a potential terrorist, huh…?
    ; }

  4. If that 2+ minutes of utter hypocrisy & lies doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you, you’re hitting the bourbon way to early.

    “automatic weapons” “phone to violence” “small minority terrorizing the majority” Lord Almighty.

    And that “teacher” from Maryland, wow. The fucking epitome? A poster child for pasty, bought into the BS about conservatives if there ever was one. You can bet your last donut the she’s proselytizing her commie crap to her students every fucking chance she gets. Compliments of the NEA.

    And if she really means it about a small minority that shouldn’t be terrorizing the rest of us, is that applicable to homos and their insistence that we forego our beliefs to accommodate them and their abnormalities??

  5. Let’s see how we are doing on my campaign checklist:

    Gun control: Check
    Queer marriage: Check
    Bush did it: Check
    Right wing Conspiracy Check
    Whites are racist: Check
    Black dialogue: Check
    Money in politics: Check
    I am a Grandmother: Check
    I am middle class: Check
    I eat Raman Noodles: Check
    Amnesty forever: Check
    I am one of you: Check
    The dog ate my emails: Check
    Close the prisons: Check

  6. Hillary can take a long luxurious suck,uh she farms that out nevermind!
    I don’t need a lying treasonous Bitch so I guess there’s nothing she can do me, except drop dead!! Don’t elect her,appoint her ambassador to libya.

  7. Fine Hillary. Take the guns. Start with your Security Detail. Do the same to all your filthy rich liberal hypocrite followers. Then go after those responsible for 99% of gun crimes: Obama supporters, most of whom have stolen weapons and are barred from legally owning guns. Then go after all the illegals you democrats let across the border, starting with muslims. The rest of us? Leave us the hell alone. We haven’t done anything wrong as sure as hell aren’t going to do anything wrong. Get out of our lives bitch.

  8. She is so stupid (intentionally?) on the subject of guns that she is begging to become familiarized with them.

    Inspired by the Mayor of Baltimore, I beseech the Secret Service to “give some space” to a mentally ill person (it will likely be someone with leftist politics if statistics bear out) who might “familiarize” the murderess Hillary with the workings of guns.

    She’s earned nothing less.
    Priviliiged. Lying. Arrogant. Hypocrite. Thief.

  9. “small minority terrorizing the majority” Lord Almighty.

    Isn’t that the balti-morons, the ferg-moes and the other big city sympathizers??

    Those corrupted clintoons, aren’t they the ones who abused OUR military officers with butler duties at all WH functions??

  10. “Says They Are “Prone to Violence.”

    I’m only prone to violence when someone is breaking down my door trying to kill me. It’s just a natural reflex that I have. Hillary shore duz like those body guards around her all weaponed up. Makes her feel safe. They’re terrorists like the rest of us.

  11. And she expects the public, those not brainwashed, to believe she isn’t packing? There are probably more guns in her entourage than the total number carried in KY. Including on her own body.

  12. Hillary knows she’s lost any centre republicans so she’s saying the same old pack of lies to mollify the left progressives who are increasingly wary of her candidacy. No surprises here. I don’t think it’s going to work though. Wait for Hillary to get sandbagged again) in the next few months. I still don’t think we’ve seen the Democrat standard bearer come out of the lab yet.

  13. She’s undoubtedly read Alinsky, Marx, Engles, Mao, Descartes et al, but she certainly missed Niccolo Machiavelli –

    “When you disarm [the people] you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred against you. – The Prince. 1537.

    (Bolding mine)

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