Hillary explains to Rick Maddow why she lost [Hint: Russia]

CFP: New Hillary interview: I lost because ‘I was an obstacle to Russia’s plans to undermine and disrupt our democracy’.

Hillary Clinton was, without question, one of the worst presidential candidates in history.  At this point, there’s just no way to deny it.  Her unpleasant demeanor, arrogance, myopic strategy, and presumptuous belief that she couldn’t fail congealed into one of the most atrocious campaigns anyone has ever seen.  Heck, even people who wanted her to win admit that she was, quite simply, the worst.

Because the left was so deeply invested in her, they needed a scapegoat. A guy like Donald Trump couldn’t possibly defeat a demi-God like Hillary Clinton!  There had to be a sensible explanation for her loss.  The blame game started with “Russian collusion.”  Then it targeted the supposed racism, sexism, and outright stupidity of the American people.  Then, they decided the electoral college, flawed election systems, and voter suppression were responsible.  These days, they’ve come all the way around the horn and we’re back to “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Now, Hillary appears to be preparing for the next phase of her life.  That could involve and orange jumpsuit, or it might be yet another disastrous run for the White House.  No one knows. Whatever she has planned, she’s been more vocal lately.  She goes on ridiculous multi-hour Twitter rants that either misinterpret or ignore the constitution, she writes addendums to her book that no one bought, and she does interviews.

Most recently, she told MSNBC sycophant Rachel Maddow that it was indeed the Russians that derailed her dreams of entering the Oval Office.  more here

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  1. I wish this old drunk bitch would just arkancide herself.

    Today I was in a DSW, with my daughter. Not a typical hangout for me, public in general. We turned down an aisle and I couldn’t help but remark. All of Hillary’s lost slippers!

    Well ar least I didn’t have so many people milling around me anymore.

  2. You lost because you thought it belonged to you.
    You were outworked by a man that can work eighteen hours a day and then go out on the town.
    Then do it the next hundred days too.
    You lost because you are old and out of touch.
    No one wants Grouchy Grandma yelling at them from every TV screen in the land

  3. She was an obstacle to the Russians? How? The urianum deal cost them too much? They were too embarrassed by your “that was easy” restart stunt?

    She must think she is running again. There is no other explanation. She should be doing the Nick Cage “leaving Los Vegas” shtick and drinking herself to death but no. She is laying the ground work to run.

  4. I have trouble with all the folk who contend she is smart, intelligent…. Hell, I’ve always thought she was a bit thin under the hair.

    She has mostly failed at everything — except corruption — and that’s nipping at her ankles. (See Charles Ortel on Jason Goodman’s Sunday program.)

    She looked like such a dolt with her idiot mistranslated RESET button in Russia, meaning OVERCHARGED. She has always been no more than a greedy idiot.
    …..Lady in Red

    PS: But I am kinda glad she’s still around as a reminder….

  5. If President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton keeps this up, the electors in Minnesota are going to demand that their votes in the Electoral College be recounted. I just hate it when she forgets to mention the role that the Macedonian Content Farmers had in assisting Vladimir Putin and the CGS (Chardonnay Gluggers Service) electing Donald J. Trump President of most of the country.

  6. No, you old ass Crunt, it’s because we can’t stand the sight of you.
    Makes me vomit just seeing a picture of you
    And to hear your voice, is something else I can’t even describe.

    Go the fuck away


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