Hillary had a bad case of the Grumpy-Uglies

Patriot Retort:

So Monday, I mentioned that the Clintons had an Empty Seat Tour event scheduled for Houston the day before George H.W. Bush’s funeral. A few hours after I posted about it, I included an update that the Clintons finally wised up and cancelled that event to go to Washington.

But in hindsight, I think Bill and Hillary should have stayed in Houston, Texas after all.

I didn’t watch the funeral service, but I did see video of President and Mrs. Trump arriving. All surviving Presidents and their spouses were seated together in the front row.

And obviously Hillary had a bad case of the Grumpy-Uglies.

Did you see it?


When you’re a politician in the public eye, you need to know how to mask your true feelings – especially when you are seated in an area that is guaranteed to receive oodles of camera time on every single channel in the country.  more here

SNIP: Hillary’s head nodding was pretty weird looking.

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  1. She needed her special glasses too to hide the bizarre eye rolling, one eye moving sideways etc. that ended up again being front and center. Hillary 2020 – she has vision like no one else.

  2. I saw a video on another site that shows her eyes rolling back in her head and then she looks down to focus on the paper in front of her to hide whatever was going on, but she was still swaying from side to side. Unless she was just acting to make everyone think she’s too ill to go to prison.

  3. Was it Dice that had her in his video this morning doing that balloon gaze at the funeral?

    Looked like she needed an adjustment.

  4. @ TheRealTruthSerum Mooch looked like an extra from The Untouchables with that pinstripe get up. I see her fashion advisor still has a sense of humor.

  5. A couple of times Bill looked so bad I thought he might need a casket, too. He’s 22 years younger than Carter but I wouldn’t bet on Jimmy croaking first.

  6. She’s just having another bout with intestinal worms. When her colon gets overcrowded the wiggly little creatures begin evacuating and cause her to have very uncomfortable sensations in her Depends.

  7. Hillary either needed one more martini in the limo, or had one too many.

    She couldn’t hold her mellow.

  8. My God, did ANYONE besides me notice Bill Clinton? Every single time the camera was on his face, his mouth was wide open, I noticed that also at the funeral of Aretha Franklin. He looks like an imbecile. I kept looking to see if he was drooling………….. there’s something wrong with hildabeest and Billy

  9. I wonder if Hillary’s dad ever looked at her and thought, “There’s no way, *no* way that you came from *my* loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I’m gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth!”

  10. I was thinking that Hill is starting to lose her ability to throw stuff at Slick and would have to have some lowly coffee gal do it.
    Thank God she is not at the wheel.

  11. “Hillary had a bad case of the Grumpy-Uglies”

    HAD?! That’s like saying, your car came from the factory WITH tires! SHE came from the FACTORY with, “the Grumpy-Uglies!” 😮

  12. Grump-Uglies indeed.

    Also known as having a face like a cat’s ass (think about the pucker)

    Bill has either Parkinsons or Alzheimers. Wonder who’s wiping his ass for him? I’m betting it’s not his devoted wife.

  13. Pretty fukkin sad when when a Kenyan faggot shows a greater sense of decorum.

    Proof: $400 Million can’t buy class.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. I just realized that Bill is Dorian Grey, and Hillary is the portrait. Bill, while evil to his core, ages gracefully whereas Hillary bears the physical manifestations of their combine loathsomeness.

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