Hillary Has Momentary Black Out – Eyes Glaze and She Gets Wobbly

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  1. Fucking crowd behind her looks real happy don’t they?

    I’m listening to Trump in Detroit now and he’s getting interrupted almost every couple minutes-sounds like the same bitch too-that’s bullshit.

    He just said he’s reducing corporate taxes to 15%!

  2. Hey, guys? The Hillary crash videos are greea. Thanks for bringing them. But could you stop repeating the moment all the time? We can figure out where she goes on the fritz by ourselves, and we can play it again if we need to. All you’re doing is giving Nopes and Politfact plausible deniability when you jazz it up.

  3. I’m starting to think that the best explanation for why Bill and Chelsea allow her to continue this campaign even when she seems to have serious health issues is that they a giant life insurance policy on her. What else can it be?

  4. If this woman manages to win and the polls are actually accurate, which has been the case the last few cycles, the corruption is going to take a backseat to the dementia, strokes or whatever the hell is wrong with her.

  5. BFH, I am trying to spread the word, but when I show these vids to people, and they see the single incident looped multiple times and/or slowed down, many dismiss it as mere digital manipulation. The truth stands on its own without the cheap special effects, IMO. And you know the digital effects are what the “fact-checkers” will latch onto to give their pinocchios or whatever. Sure, it’s fun stuff, but it dilutes the message.

  6. Maybe “upward spiral” is what she gets from her auto-inject anti-psychotic med-vest when her handlers see her taking a dive and hit the remote control button?

  7. Her flesh colored top is horrifying. For a moment there, I thought she wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath her leisure suit jacket and that one of her saggy, geriatric, old milk cans was gonna flop out.

  8. There are no special effects..
    That’s like saying an analysis of the Zapruder film is “special effects.”

    You know, I’m starting to wonder if Kennedy was shot at all.

    What we are doing now, the right-wing blogosphere, is forcing the media to investigate Hillary’s health, have her medical records released and forcing the narrative that she is unfit for office physically and mentally. We need to do this because the media will not say she is unfit because of scandal and corruption.

    We know what we are doing and what gets the media to pay attention.

  9. I’d think the stress of campaigning will only make her condition worse and worse as time goes on.

    This proves the DNC Chelsea speech about her as a loving Grandma reading books to her grandkids is crap. Her ego won’t be reasoned with. President vs spend time with your family while you can. She chose the Presidency.

  10. Trump was Great in today’s speech in Detroit they only had 13 people removed quite peaceably, mostly women.
    Trump was very Presidential! Try and view it, it’s all on Economic Reform.

    Go Trump! Annie

  11. Hate to say it folks, but what difference does it make? If Hillary showed up at a town hall wearing her pajamas and clutching a dead puppy 49% of the people would still vote for her. They’re democrats, which means they have no common sense. Throw in 5-10% voter fraud, and this b…. is going to be our next president. We might as well get used to it.

  12. I think Obama has been drugging her and Bill so he can step in when she goes south after, of course becoming the first woman prez. And that knuckle dragging VP will be thankful.

  13. “There are no special effects..”

    OK, Copy & Paste, I guess.

    “We know what we are doing and what gets the media to pay attention.”

    Yes, you do, and you do it well…better than most. But I am down in the trenches trying to sell Trump to nevertrumpers, and failing that, convincing them not to vote for Hillary. As Mooch would say, it’s treacherous work.

    I am finding that Hillary’s corruption and criminality are hard to sell to them because they think all pols are the same, so whatever. But her medical problems are much more persuasive, as it is not a partisan political issue.

    I’m just telling you what I heard from my Luntz Dunces about the vids. And it’s not just yours. If they perceive that someone is trying to manipulate them–and by no means are you a dishonest manipulator–they will get their backs up in a hurry.

  14. And in important breaking news:

    TRUMP is a RACIST!
    And he once kicked a PUPPY!
    He stepped over a HOBO! Without EVEN looking at him!

  15. I thought Obama was bad when he went off script and lose his train of thought. She goes off the rails altogether.

    She seems to be shot of Bourdon away from a stroke when she has these lapses.

  16. @ bunnyrabbithead, I pray for her everyday and she’s starting to fall down more and blank the fuck out more…..I think my prayers are working…

  17. I think this one is a case of her earpiece malfunctioning and she missed the voice telling her what to say.
    Sort of like oblabberer getting ahead of the teleprompter lines….

  18. i hate the dowager duchess of chappaqua more than most, but this video is so obviously edited, it ends up doing more damage to our cause than good…..”lookit how they messed around with the video, to make her look bad……….

    you can see where the edit reverts to the beginning of her saying it the first time…..big deal…….

    we need to stop doing this crap, and just focus attention on WHAT THE WOMAN IS SAYING…….which is really really bad news for our country……no more “hillary seizures” that look like nothing more than a cheap video loop……..

    maybe she’ll have a seizure on camera that can’t be ignored or portrayed as a video loop…….God may provide, who knows?

  19. Love these comments. Shaunqueefus, I just hope the maw of Hell isn’t too crowded for her to get in, what with Obama, Cuomo, and de Blasio hogging all the space. Reina del Mundo, it’s unfortunate that I can’t unread your comment LOL. And illustr8r, I guess I’m not the only one who found it suspiciously counterintuitive that a woman would willingly choose to undertake a grueling campaign on the world stage just a few months after the birth of her first grandchild.

  20. Thank God I didn’t listen to the experts and take down my “highly edited” video that does nothing but “hurt our cause.”

    You have to know what the cause is before you can charge that I am hurting it.

    My mission yesterday was to pile on with the mounting narrative that Hillary has medical issues.

    She wears prism glasses from time to time that corrects double vision, she has bouts of coughing fits that are uncontrollable, she has a hole in her tongue that looks exactly like the hole left by a biopsy, she admits to fainting spells, she has trouble ascending stairs, wouldn’t let the press watch her get on a private plane, she has a handler that travels with her that seems to be more of therapist than a SSA.. but we should move on because why?
    The MSM isn’t reporting it?

    We’re the ones forcing the MSM to deal with uncomfortable issues.
    Thank God for Drudge, who has a readership in the tens of millions, linking to us lesser bloggers who have a narrative that is uncomfortable for the establishment.
    Thank God he didn’t think “the video replays the money shot.. therefore invalid.”

    We need to do more of this, not less.

    Would run a fire hydrant if they had to. Hillary is a cut-out, representing a heterogeneous group of authoritarian socialists, ranging from Bill Gates to Woody Allen. They don’t care. They just need a candidate.

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