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Hillary is Right (About Biden)


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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Trump ranting or raving. Hitlary is poor at casting dispersion’s. Mean while she’s a card carrying member of the WEF and sure as shit there’s some old German that wants to kill everyone leading that parade. And oh yea, Joe Biden my time.

  2. Brad, The whole army of leftists are saying the same narrative.

    You’re right, but what does that matter? No one on the left is listening to reason any more. They’re just projecting and creating an atmosphere of hate directed at the right. Doesn’t matter what the real truth is when you’re hitting the gas trying to run over a perceived extreme rightest.

    They want this.

    Hold your fire until fired upon first.

    Defend yourselves to the hilt, if that’s what it takes.

  3. ^^^^ Never had the coof. Your confusing me with that faggot boyfriend of yours. Rumor has it you asked him to give you eight inches and make it hurt. So he fucked you four times and then slapped you.

  4. Nice meme, it’s effective because Demonrats always project. All pronouncements of certainty regarding their points view come from a place of internal guilt and acknowledging they belong to Satan.

    Every single thing they say patriots are and are doing they are and are doing. This meme accurately shows that well.

  5. That is brilliant!
    Hitlery and the libs love to accuse everyone else of doing what they’re actually doing.
    This is a great way to turn it back on them. All true too.


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