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Hillary Lines Up Feminist Senators with Cue Cards

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Newsbusters: In a feministic attempt to be hip, the Hillary Clinton campaign decided to do something “fun” and ask Democratic senators – all female of course – to hold up signs with their answers to questions about the Democratic presidential candidate front-runner. 

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It’s sort of like, remember how Michelle Obama held a sign with the #bringbackourgirls in an effort to “fight back” at the terrorist group Boko Haram that kidnapped hundreds of girls from a Nigerian school?

michelle bring back hashtag

As if that would make any difference at all.  This entire exercise is sort of like that, only much lamer. Besides, what better way to relate to “ordinary women” than featuring a bunch of old, mostly white women who happen to be Democratic senators?

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15 Comments on Hillary Lines Up Feminist Senators with Cue Cards

  1. Did someone prank Hillary into thinking that hand sign meant, “I’m doing the work of Satan”?!

  2. If she was just half as good at creating jobs, instilling fiscal responsibility and securing our nation as she is at unintentionally creating self-defeating, easily photoshopped agitprop, she might make a half-decent president.

  3. And a sign for MJA:


  4. Thank the good Lord that listeners didn’t have to listen to the trolls as they slobbered out the lies.

    Let’s face it, the truth is that Clinton can’t trust the idiots to SOUND sincere, since they are part of the cabal of congress.

  5. She’s known that for a long time. Wonder why she hasn’t been condemned yet?
    Now go convince the leftards that it’s actually a bad thing!

  6. If a woman, give us a Margaret Thatcher-she just has to have the “right stuff”.
    And then the femenists would attack this woman ( for example Carly), with the prevalent attitude “C’monnn…aren’t you for female promiscuity on the taxpayers’ dime??”
    “Won’t you let go of those old Christian beliefs?”

    Yet, if we socially practiced our traditional culture, both men and women would benefit, intimately i.e. live a fulfilling life. No apologies!

  7. That’s bugged me for years. It’s the democrat party. No one says there’s a democratic in the White House. Besides, there’s nothing democratic (in the original meaning of the word) about them.

  8. Being the good dyke she is, why doesn’t she hold up two fingers and wag her tongue between them. That is more fitting for all of them.

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