Hillary Lying About Giving Away Weinstein Donations


On Wednesday, she went on CNN to say that she would give away any money Weinstein donated to her various losing presidential campaigns, but as you will soon see, she’s lying her ass off.

CNN host Fareed Zacharia asked Hillary if she would give back the money Weinstein donated to her. Get ready for it…

“Well, there’s no one to give it back to,” said Hillary. Really? What about Harvey Weinstein, since he’s the one who gave the money.

“What my former colleagues are saying is they’re going to donate it to charity and of course I will do that. I give 10% of my income to charity every year and this will be part of it,” said Hillary.

She gives 10% of her income to charity every year, so how is continuing to do that giving the Harvey Weinstein money to charity? This is some insane bullshit. She’s not giving a dime of Weinstein’s money away. Also, she gets to write off charitable donations of 10% on her taxes, so she’s not really doing anything. If she didn’t give that money away, she’d have to pay it in taxes. Nobody is impressed.

But wait, it gets better. Last year I reported on the Clintons’ “generous” tax-deductible donations and it turns out, they give that money to the Clinton Foundation. In other words, they donate money to themselves and get to write it off of their taxes.

Harvey Weinstein has personally donated around $26,000 to Hillary Clinton, but he has bundled millions as a fundraiser for her. She could simply write a check for 26 grand to a worthy charity and at least look like she’s not a piece of shit, but she is unwilling to do that. Considering she and her Weinstein-esque rapist husband are worth in excess of $300 million, this would be like me giving someone a dollar, and again she refuses.

If Hillary had an ounce of integrity, she would donate millions to groups that help victims of rape to make up for taking so much money from Weinstein. She often says that she supports and believes victims of sexual assault, except when it involves Bill, so this would be a chance to prove her convictions. As you can see, she isn’t so committed to something when it involves giving up her own money, or admitting that she absolutely loves sexual predators.

The bottom line is this: Hillary was asked straight up if she was going do donate the Weinstein money and she said “yes.” This is such a bad lie she couldn’t even maintain it for the rest of the sentence. If she ever stops blaming everyone but herself for her election loss, maybe she will realize people don’t trust her because so is so brazenly full of shit.


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  1. Hell, I can do better than that, Hillary. I’m going to donate ALL of my after-tax income to a local charity – the Vietvet Cause.

    ‘Cause I’m broke.


  2. I’m sure a charity will receive those funds just as sure as the Haiti earthquake victims got their billions raised out of the clinton foundation

  3. IF, and that is a big word sometimes, the money goes to any charity it will be the Clinton Foundation. Shrillery is a know liar.

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