Hillary Makes an Anti-Trump Ad Saying HE’S a Bad Role Model For the Children

I just couldn’t help myself. I had to make Role Models Part Deux.

Hillary must be out of her mind touching that rail.

Here is the original ad-

Here’s mine-



12 Comments on Hillary Makes an Anti-Trump Ad Saying HE’S a Bad Role Model For the Children

  1. For whatever reason, I can’t get your ad to play Fur.

    Now I’m stuck with having had watched her POS with no cleanser. They say Trump is speaking at a 4th grade level, sheeesh, Hillary’s ad was full retard.

  2. I saw a Hillery ad on the TV last night, with upChuck Todd “asking” The Donald “how has he learned about the military”, and DT responding about “watching something or another” (I forget the exact words). It was supposed to make DT look silly and unfit to lead the military. EXCEPT . . you could tell, it was an OBVIOUS cut-away cut-and-paste job, as phony as a $3 bill – or upChuck Todd’s intelligence.
    Even my wife spotted the fakery in it, and she’s fairly trusting.

  3. Kiss my Ass you disingenuous, corrupt, shameless, manipulative, foul, anti-semetic, crooked, nasty old screeching Basilisk and the bicycle seat-sniffing trailer park troll you rode in on!

  4. Nice job Fur!

    Too kind, though. Maybe a Linda Blair/Exorcist mash up with Hillary would work. Every time I see her I see head spinning, eye rolling, green projectile vomit.

  5. This from the woman who wants to bring in hundreds of thousands of pool-groping, gang-raping, clitoris-slicing, honor-killing, child-marrying muslim creeps. They must be really panicked if they’re bringing that attack.

  6. She’s right, you know.
    I would never want my kids to grow up and have a $10 BILLION dollar, family business.
    I’d rather they get a degree in gender sciences.

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