Hillary Manipulated/Redacted/Modified/Edited Emails



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  1. Satire photos may be the only way that witch gets to be president. Great job, Fur!


    I am glad you are using watermarks BigFurHat. It does NOT take anything away from your art.

    Yo Matt Drudge! Put this one on your page suckah!

  3. The watermark on your image looks fine to me, you have to do something to protect your work. It would be great if you didn’t need to put them into the image like that but it probably is necessary.

  4. Unfortunately for our nation, 40 years have come and gone since a people rose up in unison and cared about the integrity of the highest office in the land. Now days: not so much thanks to the steady drum beat against anything white, Christian and conservative…

  5. Funny, how crossing Hillary with Nixon actually gives her a more honest look than she can muster for herself without the makeover.

    She’s the closest we have today to a modern political villain. She make Imelda Marcus, Madame Mao and Elena Ceausescu seem like amateurs by comparison.

  6. I tried to call Rush today about Hillary’s request for ice tea. No go.
    She did not want a glass of Rush’s “Two if by Tea.” ‘Pis call Sarah and ask her if she can get me some ice tea.’

    She wanted a “Long Island ice tea.”

    1 jigger vodka:

    1 jigger gin

    1 jigger rum

    1 jigger tequila

    1/2 cup of lemon juice

    Pour over ice. Shake well. Garnish with lemon wedges.

    Drink. After two you’ll forget how to use a phone.

  7. ” I am a crook ”

    What about the 21 missing years of evidence?

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