Hillary refuses to answer indictment question at Dem debate


NYP: MIAMI — Fighting for Florida and beyond, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tangled in an intense debate Wednesday night over who’s the true friend of American Hispanics, trading accusations over guest worker programs “akin to slavery” and the embracing of “vigilantes” against immigrants.  MORE

8 Comments on Hillary refuses to answer indictment question at Dem debate

  1. It’s a comedy skit. These 2 are GD jokes. The sad thing is there are 50 MILLION people eager to vote for one or the other.

    If she somehow makes it to having debates with Trump, I guarantee you that even if there’s 20 Candy Crowleys forming a 3 ton wall of protective blubber around Hillary, Trump will make her squirm.

  2. Hillary being her own haughty self. What a joke. Money wasted in this sham nomination race run by the very crooked DWS & Hillary. How dare Bernie act like a real opponent or how dare anyone ask her highness questions not sanctioned with well rehearsed answers ready. And the idiot populace stands by in awe, waiting for their Kool aid. ‘Feel the Been’ will have real meaning if either of these poor excuses of humanity are elected.

  3. The look in that evil bitch’s eyes is a picture of Bernie about half way through the wood chipper. lol
    I love how they hate each other. Just hoping for one of them to come unglued and physically attack the other. I know Hillary would come out on top in that fight, but it would be fun to watch.

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