Hillary Shares Her Spanish-Language ‘Love Story’ With Bill – IOTW Report

Hillary Shares Her Spanish-Language ‘Love Story’ With Bill

BigGovernment: Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is using a more romantic language to share her carefully constructed “love story” about her relationship with husband Bill.

clintons history de amor

“Una historia de amor,” Clinton tweeted Monday, along with a new Spanish-language version of her laughable narrative detailing her early years with Bill Clinton. –  Lea más acerca de la bruja

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  1. “He El-complained-o’d about mi Bushito fragrante del from El Grave-o.
    He los griped about el Pee smelling jungle und suggiesto el Doucherito y shave-e-los like el young senoritas y beach.

  2. With Bill’s powerful but loving punches and ultra firm grip, his dirty Republican talk and kinky asphyxiation trick, I knew it must be true love.

  3. We need a new government. I don’t care who it is. as long as it’s a Trump. a Cruz, a Carson, a Gilmore, a General Michael Flynn. or Alfred E. Newman. Just get rid of the shit that’s in there right now. McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Reed, and so forth. They have to go. We’ve had forty years of do nothing bullshit with them. Enough!

  4. Amen! I wonder how I live another day sometimes while these pricks are twice my age and are hellbent on destroying everyone for decades with no end in sight. What’s their attachment? Fuck sake, go live a life what little is left.

  5. You know what just occurred to me?
    At some point early in their courtship, Bill raped her and she got off on it, because she is into that kind of thing. Likely picked up from her romantic liaisons with Saul right after his divorce.
    Read their handwritten correspondence between each other and tell me if it does not sound like ex-lovers hitting each other up for favors.
    Brain bleach time!

  6. Hillary dutiful answers the question that has yet to be asked:
    How low can these two disgusting career POS criminals stoop ?!

    A: There is NO LIMIT how low they will go.

  7. Bill first did some of his notories l’amore full body contact seduction but then ariba riba riba he turned into speedy gonzalez and shot a full wad of hot chili con carne into the yawning Rio Bravo canyon! Senorita Rod-Ham whispered Muy Gracias Senor Bill have another slightly used and abused taco! and their love was ever Grande!!!!

  8. It occurs to me that she has to fake accents and knowledge of other languages. Hearing her lies in English has become old beyond years, and harder to hide behind.

  9. Of course it is. They sold their souls for that power. Many of them sleep while they are in their workplaces. Or just don’t appear. Fraudulent Bastards.

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