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Hillary suffers massive coughing fit

American Mirror: “From Hollywood to politics to factory floors, everywhere women are telling the truth about their lives,” Clinton said in a clip from the address, posted to Twitter by InStyle. “And let’s make sure the world in never the same.

“You know. We have to be brave. We have to be brave enough to engage with people who disagree with us, brave enough to question and examine our own beliefs, brave enough to acknowledge that even those of us who have spent much of our life thinking about and fighting about gender issues – who even have first-hand experiences navigating male-dominated industries – may not always get it right,” she continued.

“I pledge to continue to speak out. I pledge to never give up …,” Clinton said as her voice trailed off and she began hacking into her hand.

“I will do everything I can …,” she tried again, taking a swig of water.

Clinton tried to play it off, but continued to choke back a cough, repeatedly stopping to clear her throat.

“To keep my voice, number one – to advance the rights and opportunities of women,” she said in a horse rasp as the audience laughed. “In the midst of this snowstorm … stay on the frontlines of democracy.”

The former first lady continued to sip water and even popped a lozenge in a failed attempt to quell the coughing fit. s she hacked away on a massive screen before the live audience at the Los Angeles event, conference organizers heaped praise on Clinton as “the definition of what it means to be a maker.”  more/watch


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  1. Aqualung
    Sun streaking cold
    An old woman wandering lonely
    Thru the woods
    The only way she knows
    Leg hurting bad
    As she falls into a van
    Lost a shoe to the curb and
    Warms her feet on Huma’s back
    Hey Aqualung
    apologies to Ian Anderson

  2. She has to stop being a leader, looking for a parade to lead. Most people would be happy if you just shut up and go away!

  3. not a day should go by where everyone should thank God that this lying treasonous bitch is not in the White House……while this country is still going to hell in a handbasket, the election of Trump stalled the express train started by Blue Dress Bill, carried on by GWB, accelerated by Barry Hussein and not shoved in to reverse by DT! MAGA

  4. Yeah, I’da been coughing if I’da been telling all those lies, too.

    Or laughing … on the forefront of “gender” equality as she defends known rapists … yep … got it …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Those who wield power are held to a particular account by the people who trust them, and by God. She is vile in her abuse of power and position. Those who facilitate her actions are the most despicable people among us. Jesus can save the vilest of sinners who call upon His name, even Hillary and her adoring, Cult followers.

    Having said that, I hope she collapses and dies in a coughing fit before an audience of her most loyal followers, and the video capturing it all is posted for our enjoyment.

  6. Passing out, staggering, coughing incessantly… But we’ve GOT to have the damn SPERM COUNT of every GOP guy running, ever!

  7. A massive coughing fit?
    I absolutely despise Hilarity but even more I despise fools who create clickbait headlines to get more hits on the webpages. I followed the link and watched the clip.
    Pres Trump would call your reporting FAKE NEWS.

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