Hillary Suggests Death Penalty Should Only Be For Whites

ConservativePapers: Hillary Clinton is taking her acquiescence to the Black Lives Matter movement to its liberal logical conclusion. The lily-white Midwestern grandma is already on record as believing that black lives are more important than other lives and now she’s putting her money where her mouth is.

Hillary witch hat pg

At a campaign stop today, she said she supports the death penalty but not necessarily if the condemned is a person of color. In other words: it’s okay to execute white people but not black people. More

13 Comments on Hillary Suggests Death Penalty Should Only Be For Whites

  1. You first bitch…..what’s with all this hate white people crap. Who do you think pays most of the taxes.

  2. Hillary will say whatever she needs to- to whomever she needs to in order to get the nomination (and God help us!) the election. It’s hard to know what Hillary actually believes, other than a belief that she’s owed the Presidency and that she should be able to do anything she wants as long as it furthers her own interests.

  3. She better be careful what she wishes for. The fed could then execute her entire family for far less than murder just to keep things even.

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