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Hillary-supporting website selling severed Trump head T-shirts

Image shows Clinton holding beheaded Donald based on story of Judith and Holofernes.

MediaEqualizer: Feel like Election 2016 could use a bit more incivility? Well, then, we’ve got the T-shirt for you!

For a mere $27.68 a pop, the overtly pro-Hillary website Wonkette is peddling anti-Trump apparel, complete with Clinton holding The Donald’s severed head.

Luckily, there’s a historical reference to hide behind here, the story of Judith and Holofernes. Whether that will keep the Secret Service at bay is anyone’s guess. more

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  1. Whoa! This looks like the part of the movie where the strangely beautiful (ok, it doesn’t work w/Killery), wanton sex bomb anti-hero turns into a putrid corpse with bugs crawling out of her eye sockets. And her sparkling laughter turns into a course, enraged howl. Shivers.

  2. The roles of Judith and Holofernes in this case should be reversed. There’s no doubt hillary represents all that is despicable in governing through deceit, deception and corruption.
    Trump on behalf of the oppressed is vanquishing the oppressor and his virtue conquers vice.
    There, fixed that.

  3. Reverse Hillary’s and Trump’s heads…call it “ART”…
    …and wait for the screams to follow….


    TO VietVet
    That’s just *NASTY*!

  4. One of the best political cartoons I remember was run on Lucianne for only a couple hours (!) that showed a hooded Obama (you could tell by the ears), holding a knife and Uncle Sam’s severed head.
    It didn’t last long because I’m sure they received a “phone call”. This one will last because it gets the out the message they endorse. Funny that.

  5. And to think this was the gal who felt threatened by a piece of paper in Rick Lazio’s hand 16 years ago.

    You’ve come a long way, baby.

  6. @Czar of Defenestration: Sorry – I had tried to find you a picture that was more revealing. I’ll keep looking, though…


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