Hillary to Lose the FBI Primary

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AmericanThinker: An analysis published Sunday in the Washington Post of the emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private server included emails Hillary herself sent that contained classified information.

That she should have known the information she herself put in these emails should be classified, and having the power herself to classify them, puts the lie to her claim that she is innocent of wrongdoing because others did not mark them classified.  more

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  1. Well yeah sure but she didn’t know so it is all OK. What are you some kind of sexist or ageist, or are you just a criminalphobiac?

  2. There isn’t a jail cell in a deep enough, dark enough, shit hole of a box, that would do justice to what a miserable, lying, traitorous, bitch that she is!

  3. Every time I see that picture of Killary I think, “That is the face of someone who just farted and realized it was chunky, or just got served by the FBI, or maybe both”.

    For my Brothers that died on her watch, I hope her fall is as long, pain filled and as finial as Elana Ceausescu’s.

    MSG Grumpy

  4. No indictment.
    Dream on.

    E-mails detailing Amb. Stevens itinerary have surfaced. Abedin probably used the password to pass the itinerary on to the appropriate izlamic murderers in Libya. The e-mails informing Obola of the details will quietly disappear.

    Everything will be denied, or she’ll die of some mysterious malady, or she’ll retire to “spend more time with her grandchild” – but – she will NEVER be indicted.

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