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Hillary – “Too Big To Jail”


…if a lower-level government employee “cooked up their own home server” and received emails containing classified information, “they would have already been arrested.”



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  1. I generally don’t vote for tax levys, but if it took a tax increase to build a bigger jail for that bitch and her criminal business partner I’d vote for it!

    If only…

  2. What’s that saying, again? Revenge is a dish best served cold. There is no doubt in my mind that the FBI and others are not looking forward to having her back again. Especially since she wouldn’t be just the First Lady but the CIC. She knows that there’s no love loss. I bet they are especially fond of her for leading people to believe that dodged a firefight didn’t reflect well on her security detail entrusted with the FLOTUS’ safety. No problem, Mrs. Clinton. We understand. No hard feelings, Ma’am.

    It would be rich if she was just about to grab the golden ring when they lower the boom. So close. So sad.

    I know one thing, I sure wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. I suspect they have all kinds of ways to turn the screws. She knows that and so do they. Let her stew in her juices and mull that over in her mind.

    “Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly.”

  3. The establishment elite and the hacks that work for them think they are above the law and the FBI and Department of Justice reinforces that thought through “protection” from prosecution..
    Two words: Lois Lerner

  4. Spoken like a true Clinonista. I give little credence to anonymous comments like this one. For all we know this was Lanny Davis making this comment.

    There are plenty of hard core Clinton loyalists out there willing to do anything to try and fix the disaster that Obama has left the Democrat party in. The problem is that they are all loyal to Bill, not the Hildebeest. She may be the candidate but you can guaran-goddam-tee that Bill Clinton is going to be the guy pulling the Hildebeet’s strings.

    She is not running for Obama’s third term, she is running for Bill’s third term, and he has plenty of old Arkansas Mafia operatives still in and around the gubment waiting for opportunities like this one to slip a hot supportive comment in where it might do the Hildebeest, and by extension Bill, some good.

    I still have trust in the FBI. Director Comey is nobody’s stooge.

  5. Can’t indict her without indicting the entire apparatus. NSA, CIA, DIA, White House, House of Reps, Senate, are all in it up to their ears. Probably aspects of the UN, as well as the moslem brotherhood, ISIS, al Quaeda, Hamas, the Republican Guard, the Clinton Foundation, and Soros.

    And Jethro, those were just that … stories.

  6. Same FBI that manufactures evidence?
    Same FBI that spies on law-abiding citizens?
    Same FBI that can’t find any malfeasance with the IRS?
    Same FBI that can’t find any problems with HRC’s e-mails?
    Same FBI that covers up Obola’s war on cops?

    Yeah … lots to trust, there …

  7. No, she’s not. I measured the jail cell, and though a little tight, she will still fit especially after the jail food slims her cankles down to regular large and the transsexuals chase about 100 pounds off her frame!

  8. Yes, they were stories, but don’t forget: Most stories have some basis in true events. If you don’t believe me, ask Muammar Gaddafi.

    Oh, wait –


  9. It does appear to be the case.

    I’m no lawyer but:

    “Dale Gibson, the investigator, doesn’t recall seeing evidence that the girl had fabricated previous attacks. The assistant prosecutor who handled much of the case for Mahlon Gibson died several years ago. The prosecutor’s files on the case, which would have included such details, were destroyed more than decade ago when a flood swept through the county archives, Mahlon Gibson said. Those files also would have included the forensics evidence referenced in “Living History.”

    The victim was visibly stunned when handed the affidavit by a reporter this fall. “It kind of shocks me – it’s not true,” she said. “I never said anybody attacked my body before, never in my life.”

    Hillary Clinton never misses an opportunity to remind us of how much of a warrior she is on behalf of vulnerable children. Children vulnerable to the system. Vulnerable to the callousness of adults.

    A 6th grader, Hillary? She “fantasized?” She “sought it out from older men?”

    Hillary Clinton, saying shame on others.

    UPDATE – To be more clear at what the gray area is here, officers of the court have a responsibility – an ethical responsibility – to adhere to principles of scrupulous honesty. When Hillary signed that affidavit, she was giving a sworn oath that she had knowledge and evidence that the 6th grader had a history of making false charges. That’s what the affidavit says. But nobody, including the victim who has no axe to grind, believes this has any truth. That’s the core of the Newsday story.

    That is the difference between zealous defense and breaching ethical responsibility.

    And every lawyer here knows it.”

    “To perjure yourself is to knowingly make false or misleading statements under oath or to sign a legal document you know to be false or misleading. This crime is taken very seriously because the foundation of the legal system depends on trust and credibility. After all, just one sworn statement has the power to tip the scales of justice and dramatically alter someone’s life.

    Perjury is considered a crime against justice, since lying under oath compromises the authority of courts, grand juries, governing bodies, and public officials. Other crimes against justice include Criminal Contempt of Court, Probation Violation, and tampering with evidence.”
    See more at:

    It does appear to also lend credibility to all those other women who have come forward, coming out of the woodwork, and they got the same treatment .

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