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Hillary uses birthday to raise last-minute funds

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WaEx: Hillary Clinton’s birthday may not be until Oct. 26, but her campaign is taking advantage to do some last-minute fundraising for this month’s filing deadline.

The Clinton campaign has sent out an ecard to supporters. Upon signing the card, they are asked to give a $1 donation to the Clinton campaign. The message consipicuously omits the fact that Clinton is celebrating her 68th birthday.

The $1 per person ask is a far cry from her usual big donations. Her main opponent in the primary, socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has catapulted his way to a lead in New Hampshire through small money donations, averaging $3 per person.  more here

8 Comments on Hillary uses birthday to raise last-minute funds

  1. Hillary, I will be 59 on January 20. How about sending me a chunk of your $150 million fortune?

    (This is the figure cited by Edward Klein in the book “Unlikeable,” which puts her about even with Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth won an Oscar. WTF has Hillary ever done?)

  2. That old camel toe would sell her 3 car garage ( read va ja ja) for a buck….no pride, no honor,no truth…epitome of bad taste and snatch breath liar…

  3. I really think Gowdy should be on TV. The show could be called “Grillin’ with Gowdy,” and no, it wouldn’t be cooking show.

    My prediction is that after being ripped to shreds by Gowdy on the hearing date, October 23, she will need so many stiff drinks that she won’t even be conscious on her birthday, which is the 26th.

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