Hillary Wants To Reshuffle

Hillary’s ad is a howler. She complains about CEOs making 100s of times more than the employees. She’s made this point on her $300,000 a pop speaking engagements.

Her catch phrase is “reshuffling,” which is simply code for “redistribution.”

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  1. That’s rich. Her and her ilk are the ones destroying the middle class in the first place. Seriously these POS won’t be happy until the US is nothing but a pile of rubble.

  2. A CEO throws down $200k of life savings to start a company. He struggles for years with his product/service and finally has a break thru after never receiving a pay check for his work, a customer comes through and makes a purchase. He hires a worker to his growing company, paying him a fixed salary. Hard times come as the CEO has difficulty selling to a second customer, but he keeps his help in anticipation of future business. In the end, the salary worker made $50,000 for the year, and the CEO had to file bankruptcy after losing $200k in personal wealth and 5 years of nose to the grindstone time.

    Most companies and CEOs fail, Hillary. There isn’t a magic easy button for them. But, we understand, you want to make it even harder for them. Makes sense only in H’s proggie world. Reshuffle the deck the way she wants and no one will have a job and we can all rely on the government! Yay!

  3. One cannot expect intelligence coming from that cesspool of a female. She has been a vindictive c**t from the early days, and has never changed. She tap dances to the electorate to fool the lo-fo voters, the gays, and the dimwits, but the quickly resumes the “fook you” mantra once elected. Her words, not mine, to a secret service agent assigned to her while First C**t for simply saying Good Morning. Don’t bother making excuses, Hilldebeest supporters.. That is her nature, and she won’t change.

  4. I just watched that video and saw that it has 19,000 views and only one comment. How can that be ??

  5. I have the answer… they are deleting them very quickly, mines was removed in less than 2 minutes. So they have not gotten a single positive comment they are willing to leave up… now thats very telling to them.

  6. She needs to be confronted about that. She needs to be forced to answer questions about why she needs so much money and keeps so much. The repubics wont do it because she will flip it back in their faces. But Da Tromp can blast her on it. He has earned his money in real estate… not banking or politics or insider trading. I would love to be allowed to ask her a few questions..

  7. so when these hysterical screeching whores say “Bush did it too !!! so did Colin Powell and everybody else !!!!” they are lying. They dd not. Their servers and devices were authorized and issued to them. Big difference.

  8. Amen to that.
    I got so angry the other day.
    I was listening to Hannity and he had his liberal friend on.
    She said Colin Powell had a Home-brew server too.
    I was SO PISSED because Hannity didn’t challenge that.
    He just let it lie.

  9. Hillary talks as if things like “rich” and “middle class” are titles of nobility the government bestows on people…. Or takes away. Like Ayn Rand said, “Scratch a collectivist and you find a feudalist underneath.”

  10. How about this one:

    Nervous dad is sitting at kitchen table with wife looking at stack of bills (gas, electric, health insurance, mortgage etc…)

    Children come running into kitchen and ask Dad “Daddy can we go on vacation ??? please !!! please !!! ????

    Dad looks away (holding foreclosure notice in his hands) and Mom has tear roll down her face…

    Camera cuts to that disgusting pale white creature Chelsea on the boat… Bill & Ugly (heart) Hillary’s $ 10,000 a day hamptons vacation palace, Bill on the golf course, them dancing and Hillary screeching laughter.

    Roll the newspaper headlines with Clinton Family Global Foundation estimated worth $ 2,000,000,000.00

    Any refinements ??/

  11. He’s becoming just like O’Biley! (Yes that spelling was deliberate)
    They are Rinos-in-waiting.

    We just can’t get too sick over this crap. Either God’s running the show or He isn’t. ‘His ways are not our ways, or His thoughts not our thoughts’.

  12. The GOP establishment is controlled by Karl Rove, who is no more than a Clinton shill. Boehner and McConnell follow his lead like sheeples. Before Boehner was placed again as speaker, I pleaded with my representative to not support this dweeb crybaby. She said he was the only one qualified for Speaker. Really? I mean REALLY?? This proves the mindset of the sheeples in DC we elect and re-elect, but who ignore their voters when challenged. Never again. The GOP is going down for the last time next year, and they did it to themselves….

  13. This one I call “Mexico, take care of your own.” It is set in a gleaming office in Mexico City, the Mexican presidente is standing and there is a huge, beautiful, mahogany table with men in suits, drug dealers, millitary uniforms, police all sitting around the table. It is there monthly meeting. The questions and answers go something like this

    MP) This is our monthly progress meeting. So… how much is our current minimum wage in Mexico ?

    Answ) Zero Mr. Presidente… we Dont Have a minimum wage in Mexico. (cut to mexicans crossing Rio)

    MP) OK. Then how many of our people are receiving our free national health insurance in Mexico ?

    Answ) We dont have free health insurance in Mexico sir.

    MP) OK. Then how many new hospitals have we built this year in Mexico ? (Cut to a dog sitting in a stone age looking hospital ER next to a crying baby)

    Answ) None Jefe…

    MP) And how many of our people are receiving our free Food Stamps ?

    Answ) We dont give our people free food stamps Jefe..
    (cut to a naked child scavenging a garbage dump for food)

    MP) What about free college for our young, or our free mobile phones, our free housing programs… how are we doing with that ?

    Answ) Sorry Mr. Presidente… we dont give any of those things to our people… sorry sir.

    MP) Well…. then… is there any good news to report this month about our people ???

    Answ) Yes Jefe !!! There is !!! ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND more of our people have left their homes and broke up their families and fled to the land of the evil gringos in Estado Unidos !!! (Cheers erupt, banging the table, smiles and back slapping all around… as they cut to La Raza protests, burning American flags, etc…)

    MP) Very Well then… keep up the good work men !!!

    Voice comes in the background and says in a solemn voice:

    “Mexico, its time take care of your people. End the corruption NOW !”

  14. Her Hollywood dentist left her with a nasty overbite. Her smile shows ill-fitting dentures that make her look 20 years older. Did I mention she looks like a wide load in those pant suits? There should be a warning flag on each hip.

  15. Hillary Clinton exemplifies DC. She is the rule, not the exception. She’s just a tad more successful than most, but don’t kid yourselves, that’s the whole point of “Foundations” and Foreign and domestic “donations” to people connected to the FedGov. These people are buying influence, grants, “loans,” whatever they choose to call it that particular week – and the American taxpayers are so fucking stupid, when some TV shill says “There’s no smoking gun!” we say “Aw, shit, they got me again!” shaking our heads and shuffling off to work another 40 hrs so that they can steal 24 of those. These people are handing out money WE earned to cronies who are too clever by half.

    How much is enough?

    $20Trillion debt, now, and they’re talking an ADDITIONAL $14Trillion in direct payments to parasites, through reparations?

    We gotta be fucking nuts! Do the fucking math! Only about 1/2 the able-bodied are working now, figure about 90 million, and we’ll “owe” $34Trillion? That’s $378,000.00 per working stiff! Permanent Slavery! Each working stiff “owes” $230,000 NOW!

    How come we “owe” money we didn’t agree to spend/steal/loan?

  16. Ohhhhh, Shrillery Cankles. . . . .you want to talk about “redistribution” or “reshuffling”? With your wealth, I’m still waiting for your personal six-figure check to me in the mail.

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