Hillary Was All For Putting a 25% Tax On a Person Exercising Their Right To a Gun

But a free voter ID card is a POLL TAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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7 Comments on Hillary Was All For Putting a 25% Tax On a Person Exercising Their Right To a Gun

  1. Will there be a “Vince Foster Waiver” provision for certain “friends” of Bill and Hitlery that like to play with guns and need to take a long vacation ???

  2. Makes sense …
    to a totalitarian statist and National Socialist.

    Pay a fee and get a license to exercise a right.

    How much should we charge the negroes for exercising their 14th Amendment rights? And tax the internet – pay a fee to exercise your 1st Amendment rights. How much will it cost to stay out of Room 101 and exercise our 5th Amendment rights?

    Thanks, socialists …
    but, No Thanks.

  3. Better yet, why don’t the Defecrats just come out with a rate schedule for all Constitutional rights? Hey, it only fair! They aught to be able to rake in some good money for priviledge of practising the 1st!

    While their at it, make it a sliding scale that reflects true Defecrat Family Values where the hard-working, over taxed-payer pays the most while Politicians (D), the Dumbed-Down, Unemployed, Barely-Aware, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Food-Stamp Wielding, Escalade Driving, Kool-Aid Drinking, Government-Dependent, Entitlement-Rich, Busted-Ass, Free-Shit-Grabbing, Obamaphone-carrying Lo-Fo Hood-Ratz, Two-Times Obama-Voting Honey Boo Boo Union Slugs and Mindless Murdering Muzlim Scrounges can do whatever they want without paying anything!

  4. Do not forget, SCOTUS said that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act is a tax. According to Gay Barry, healthcare is a right. All rights are choices. That is, I have a right to speak and a right not to speak. I have a right to council for defense and I have a right to no council for defense. Therefore, I have a right to healthcare and a right to no healthcare.

    But if I claim and exercise my right to not have healthcare, the gov’t taxes me. So either healthcare isn’t a right, or ObamaTax is unconstitutional. (Yes, I know that both of those are true but the ‘tards go crazy when they try to rationalize that healthcare is a right and ObamaTax is constitutional.)

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