Hillary Was Asked Which Books Influenced Her

She Names Her Own Book.

-TammyBruce:Not that I read Hillary’s book, but I think it was entitled: “It Takes A Village Idiot.”

Or something….

Via American Mirror.

When politicians are asked about books that have impacted them, they typically refer to the Bible, or influential works on the theory of government and economics.

Not Hillary Clinton.

She says her own book has influenced her….
During a discussion with Vox’s Ezra Klein, Clinton said her 1996 book “It Takes A Village” has influenced the way she thinks about government policy…  more

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  1. “clinton said her 1996 book “It Takes A Village” has influenced the way she thinks”

    so obviously hillary has never read it either.

  2. I am surprised she never mentioned the book:

    “I got away with everything but avoiding paying taxes” by A, Capone

  3. Well… she wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky, so let’s start with, “Das Kapital” and spiral downward from there.

  4. This is a new low for mental aberration….Cankles must have Huma box her droppings to sell on eBay as golden nuggets, she thinks so highly of herself…Egocentric far past Barky’s pathological level. One this far deranged should not eve be allowed to run for high office, Dog Catcher or above.

  5. on my resume, under references, i always put Charlie WalksonWater. Because no one else influenced me more.

  6. Her real answer, looking befuddled, “Book?”

    She so stupid she probably can’t read, according to the FBI findings! And this moron is the libs choice for president. That’s an even lower layer of ignorance. Amazing.

  7. That bitch is as big a narcissist as Barry, it’s just harder to spot it because of that constant evil pig scowl, or that fake insane asylum smile – like she just had a lobotomy.

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