Hillary Was Incensed Over Being Photoshopped Out of Historic Picture


Der Zeitung editors responded by explaining their editorial rules prohibited the publication of any photographs of women due to “laws of modesty.”

Clinton’s aides were clearly upset by the omission of the former secretary of state from the picture.

“WH photos are not supposed to be altered,” one staffer wrote in reply to Clinton’s complaint. “I’m just so incredibly pissed off I want to do SOMETHING!!”



Hey Hillary. Want me to photoshop you out of this one? See after Read More

This is the only known photo of Hillary meeting Monica Lewinsky. She’s shaking hands with her, obscured by Bill. (Yes, that is Jay Carney in the background on the left.)1466586507746287252

(Yes, any opportunity to remind people of the sleaze the Clintons brought to the white house will be exploited.)

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  1. the e-mail deleting Benghazi bitch should be photo shopped into a prison lineup.
    Oh wait, I forgot elitists are not held responsible for their actions…. my bad.

  2. She wasn’t photo shopped out. Didn’t you all see the previous thread? And here you thought it was a Camel. 🙂

  3. Big whoop, as shown by that very picture they are not too particular who they let in that room. Case in point: they let that sissy looking black waiter in and even stay there after he served the coffee. They even let him crouch down in the corner and be in the phony publicity shot!

  4. Hillary and Obama were Photoshoped in. Also don’t believe Osama is dead. Why were our servicemen killed after that. Bet that thing is getting millions of us dollars to stay hidden. I do not trust this admin!

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