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Hillary Won’t Run In 2024

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she will not run for president in 2024, ending speculation for a possible rematch with Donald Trump eight years later. More

23 Comments on Hillary Won’t Run In 2024

  1. Who in the heck grabs anybody’s wife like that?
    At least the hillbeast knew not to return the feel me hug.

  2. …it means she’s not going to RUN.

    It doesn’t mean she won’t murder her way into it.

    Watch who Whore picks after Pedo “dies”.

    No giving peasants ANY input this time.

  3. So sad to deny the American people of seeing the most cheated on woman in America (Rush Limbaugh coined that term) lose a 2nd time.

  4. I was looking forward to the primary debate between Hillary and Stacey Abrams, ending with mud wrestling, right after the swimsuit competition.

    Excuse me while I toss up my lunch.

  5. She lied before about running for president when she was seeking reelection for NY Senator. You couldn’t ask her for the time of day and get a straight answer.

  6. She’ll have the runs in 2024.

    Doctor: Madame Secretary, do you still carry around Devil’s Hot Sauce?

    Hillary: Yes I do!

    Doctor: How often do you use it?

    Hillary: Oh, never, it’s just for show when I talk to the Negro Black African people. It’s a prop.

    Doctor: OK, we can rule that out as the cause of your rumbling stomach. Can you think of any odd foods you have eaten recently that may have disturbed your tummy?

    Hillary: The only thing I can think of is when Bill cooked me breakfast a few days ago. He got some alligator eggs and fried them for me.

    Doctor: Does Bill have the runs too?

    Hillary: No, he didn’t eat any of them.

    Doctor: You may have a parasite in your stomach – never eat alligator eggs. Alligators live in swamps and have all kinds of diseases.

    Hillary: Mmmmmm…maybe that had something to do with the huge green worm that was in my toilet after my last bowell movement.

    Doctor> Oh my! we need to get you to ER right now.

    Hillary: That damned Bill….trying to kill me again, that son-of-bitch.

  7. Shes waiting until a certain lowlife has so many court dates it will be hard for him to keep his head straight or just stroke out.

  8. I have mixed feelings. I was looking forward to her falling down some more steps and being pitched into the back of the Scoobie Van.

  9. When the Pedo passess she will be waiting to pounce. She didn’t say she wouldn’t run if/when the Pedo drops out or dies. The interviewer just didn’t ask the right question.

    This vile cunt is just waiting for her summons and she will bravely fill the void.

  10. Cisco Kid
    JUNE 20, 2022 AT 7:55 PM

    “This vile cunt is just waiting for her summons and she will bravely fill the void.”

    …maybe she’d chill if some man would bravely fill HER void.

    …to boldly go where even Slick Willy has refused to go before…

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