Hillary’s Attempt At Joke About Emails Isn’t Funny Because SHE SHOULDN’T BE JOKING ABOUT IT


Hillary Clinton paid the obligatory visit to the Iowa State Fair today, and Politico sounds impressed that she could be seen “embracing the masses that engulfed her.” It’s a contrast to campaign events in the past, including her team’s now-infamous use of a moving rope line last month to protect the candidate. It’s also a notable departure from her appearance in Iowa in 2008, when she didn’t want to mingle with the commonfolk, writes Rachel Bade. Clinton also made headlines this weekend for joking about her email controversy, notes NBC News. “You may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account,” she said at a dinner last night. “I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves.”


12 Comments on Hillary’s Attempt At Joke About Emails Isn’t Funny Because SHE SHOULDN’T BE JOKING ABOUT IT

  1. I like how Hillary said that nothing in her emails was classified until later.
    Who the fuck would believe that complete bullshit?
    Classified documents become declassified, not the other way around.
    Our government is fucked, but that is indeed closing the barn doors after the horses escape.

    So, the SECRET spy satellite is not SECRET until we build it, therefore these documents we bandy about only become top secret at a later date.

    WTF times a billion!!!
    Lousy lying cunt!

  2. Here’s one:
    Did you hear what the former First Lady did after it was discovered she had highly classified material on her e-mail server?
    – Five to ten

  3. The only asshats who were even listening to her were those dour, die-hards who go to state fairs to listen to another asshat.

    In the meantime, The Donald was circling overhead in his really cool helicopter for the duration of her speech. Have you ever tried to talk under the rotating ‘thump, thump, thump’ of a jet helicopter? Talk about a real distraction. He was having fun, giving helicopter rides to kids at the fair. Too hilarious for words!

  4. “It’s a contrast to campaign events in the past” mainly because, at the fair, she’s going to where there’s a captive audience.

    Just wait until she’s the captive….

  5. Thanks for that link AA-I heard he arrived in a helicopter but didn’t know he buzzed Hillary while she was speaking-the guy is a hoot ain’t he? And helicopter rides to kids? C’mon, that’s awesome too.

  6. I think Rush’s explanation of Hillary is accurate. The left KNOWS the Clintons are corrupt lying criminals. That’s what they want! They’re upset at Hillary because she’s not as good at it as Bill is. They loved that Bill got away with so much and “gave the finger to those evil Republicans”

  7. The huge majority of “Common Folk” (normal Americans) will avoid Hillary like the plague.
    It’s the “un”common progressives, baby killers, liberals, code pink and socialists that will herd toward the uncommon Benghazi Bitch.

  8. Aint that just like the Dems, do what they want and screw over the other side, then if the fallout is bad enought, they MIGHT apologize.

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