Hillary’s falls recall the health questions JFK tried to dodge

WT […] John F. Kennedy was asked by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1960 whether he suffered from Addison’s disease, a debilitating malfunction of the adrenal glands. The glands produce key regulatory hormones, and if the hormones cannot be sufficiently replaced by synthetics, wasting and death nearly always follow.

JFK denied it all, declaring that he was “the healthiest candidate for president in the country,” a sly dig at LBJ, who had suffered a severe heart attack five years earlier. Robert F. Kennedy declared that his brother “does not now nor has he ever had an ailment described classically as Addison’s disease.” It was a clever dodge… MORE

8 Comments on Hillary’s falls recall the health questions JFK tried to dodge

  1. “But the incident, and the media anger at having been caught out not doing its job, should be a caution for correspondents, editors and others in the media. We’ve been here before.”

    Actually you’ve been caught *doing* your job – ignoring anything that could be detrimental to Hillary Clinton and her coronation on November 8th. Get used to it Drudge and others aren’t going away and you are covering for one of the most deceitful, corrupt and probably mentally and physically ill candidates to run. And she can’t keep it together or her lies straight anymore.

  2. Asking the main stream media to do non-partisan, fair and equal investigative reporting of the facts on any subject matter is like asking hillary to tell the truth about her illegal e-mail, destruction of evidence, Benghazi, the Clinton foundation, her pay to play government contracts awarded to contributors, friends and colleagues and just how broke Bill and her were when they left the white house with furniture, silverware and other whitehouse items.
    Ain’t gonna happen any time soon, if ever.
    Once an anti-American Progressive….always an anti-American Progressive.

  3. JFK had the youthful look going for him, along with the sophisticated beautiful young wife.
    The old brain dead hag and her old man can’t pull that off.

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