Hillary’s Fashion Nonsense

Via Gay Patriot

How many school bus seats were skinned to make that overcoat?

Snip: What is that? NAGahyde?

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  1. Actually Hillary caught and skinned one of Bill’s lizard like stress relievers. Kind of a wearable post-it note to remind Bill about who is the king of the jungle.

  2. Used double wide faux leather couch for sale cheap!

    There are 2 women on the planet who should be forced into burkas. Killary Clinton and Nancy
    Pelosi. No wait, add Little Debbie Ramen Head to the count. No wait, add Shela Jackson Lee.

  3. Somebody (hint, hint)
    needs to make a GIF that shows her walking in this coat and making squishing and farting noises.

  4. She really has let herself go- a leaf indication of what she would do with this country, if we were so ill fated as to have her and her caboose at the helm.
    I will say she seems to cover her mess (Benghazi) better than her mass.

  5. Seriously, people. The reason she looks so awful is that by choosing a thick “fabric” with absolutely no fluidity (or what fashion experts call “drape”), she’s doing nothing but call attention to her hefty, overweight body.

    She may as well wear a T-shirt proclaiming DID YOU KNOW I’M REALLY BROAD IN THE BEAM?

  6. Lewd Man* nailed it. you can see the green flies buzzing in and out of her flaps…telling their mates…dinner is served…Its RIPE, its ROTTEN…in fact its PUTRIFIED…perfect buzzzzzzzzzzz….

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