Hillary’s Favorability Rating Is Upside Down In New York! – IOTW Report

Hillary’s Favorability Rating Is Upside Down In New York!


With news like this, let’s hope that Hillary Clinton does win the Democrat presidential primary. If she is the nominee how is she going to do in flyover country if her favorability is upside down in New York? (More at The Lonely Conservative)

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  1. Last week this old whore was tanking and the media was breaking news about sanders and Joey. Now we are supposed to believe the old, hated, ugly whore is surging ahead and the inevitable winner… liars.

  2. Something that doesn’t get discussed enough: Does Trump put NY (and NJ) in play for GOP? Maybe not against Hillary, but maybe vs Biden.

  3. Some of my Facebook friends have libtard friends. They’re complaining the while Republicans have some good choices, they only have 3 idiots to choose from. Haha. Welcome to our mcCain, Bush and Romney nightmares.

  4. LCD, Anyone one of them on the ticket IF, they cheat enough, if they’ve been successful making enough people dependent on them, if they can get Illegals registered to vote, how many young people our educational systems have brain washed and how many dead people they can resurrect to vote.
    This election is going to determine if there is still a U.S.A.

  5. Your FB friends’ friends at least have some sanity left. My FB friends are all in for Bernie. No whining. There is slight regret that Fauxahontas isn’t in the mix-but beyond that-it’s socialism all the way, baby.

    I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

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