Hillary’s Fuzzy and Delusional Math

Hillary thinks she was screwed by spoiler candidates. The fact is, Trump was damaged from having a bigger landslide because of McMuffin and Gary Johnson.

5 Comments on Hillary’s Fuzzy and Delusional Math

  1. Hillary, Hillary. Wherefore art thou Hillary. Will not thou run for President again? How else can you be silenced forever and ever.

  2. Mrs. Clinton’s a liar, a corrupt-o-crat, and a murderess.
    (at least, that’s where the evidence points)

    Enough people realized it.

    If she had any self-awareness, she’d realize it, too.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I was one of their mind control torture prisoners. The disease they bludgeon their prisoners with makes every orifice scab with disease. This causes epilepsy shock of gauging and scratching. Classy satanist pigs.

  4. Trivia

    When Hillary pulled out that booger, what did she do with it?

    She Gorilla Glued it to Bill’s forehead. It’s there now, but he covers it up with makeup before being seen in public.

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