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Hillary’s “Lizard Eye” Moment Explained

There is a video circulating where Hillary’s eye has a shape-shifting moment, like her inner lizard is trying to burst out.


The anomaly has a plausible explanation.

Hillary, as a result of either her concussion or stroke, has permanent double vision.

Her prism glasses, which were first seen around the time of her Benghazi hearing, are special glasses that correct double vision.

They’ve made an appearance since they’ve supposedly been unnecessary, suggesting that the problem persists and the Clintons are hiding it.

Once you realize that she has permanent double vision the shape shifter video is easily explainable.

One way to correct double vision is to block the vision in one eye. What you’re seeing happen in that video is Hillary’s opaque contact lens, one that blocks her vision, slips out of position after being grabbed by her eyelid. She blinks and it goes back into place.

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15 Comments on Hillary’s “Lizard Eye” Moment Explained

  1. The only perspective she has is “Death perspective” because we all know, that from a democrats perspective, “Dead votes matter” that’s the only way these maggots will win.

  2. This makes so much sense on the vision issues.

    On the blood clot issue — her doctor said she was treated with Coumadin to dissolve the clot. Wrong.

    My mom suffered major blood clots in her legs and lungs a few years ago. Heparin was used to dissolve the clots. Coumadin is the drug she’s been on ever since to prevent further clotting. Coumadin CANNOT dissolve clots.

  3. I could permanently fix those contact lenses so they won’t move out of place like that.
    Just give me my DeWalt drill and two drywall screws. No charge, just supply the bleach.

  4. jclady is correct about the treatment for clots and the use for coumadin. I had a large dangerous clot, and though I wasn’t given heparin – I did have to inject myself (abdomen)for several weeks until the coumadin (pills) achieved the desired effect. I bailed on the therapy – it was brutal on me. Coumadin will NOT dissolve a clot.

    I think Hillary has more than that going on – the head bobbing, the balance, the teeth sucking, the sudden freezes. Etc. Her heavy coats in warm weather can, in part, be due to the coumadin. I was always cold while on it, but if I was outdoors on a warm day it wasn’t as much of a problem. If any.

    She also has a hand thing going on – she is fairly good at covering that, but if you watch you will see it.

  5. Are the contact lenses tinted? Her natural eye color is a very clear blue. (In fact it’s the one feature that keeps her from being unreservedly unattractive.) But lately her eyes seem every color from gray-blue to hazel to light brown.

  6. You’re right joe6 but do you really think she has a heart? Dropping her off in Chicago on a Friday night to campaign should do the trick.

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