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Hillary’s new media strategy: Play Evita

WaExam: Hillary Clinton has a strategy for dealing with the media: play Evita. The former first lady, secretary of State and New York senator doesn’t have time for the Fourth Estate because she is a woman of the people.

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“I’m not running my campaign for the press,” she told CNN in a rare interview Tuesday. “I’m running it for voters.”

That’s a canny response to questions about her campaign’s tendency to shut out the press, which includes roping off the media, giving a criticalreporter the boot from the press pool, and keeping such tight reins on journalists at events that one reporter said she was escorted to the ladies’ room by an aide while covering a Clinton Global Initiative event.

The press, after all, plays a big role in how the voters learn about the candidates.

What ought to be seen as another example of the Clintons’ lack of transparency (alongside her use of a private email account and server as secretary of State) is instead turned into a populist badge of honor. There’s an easy way to get away with it: lots of voters don’t trust or even particularly like the media, especially what they see as a preening and out of touch D.C. press corps.  more

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  1. She’s been pretty busy shutting out “the voters,” too…what with planting vetted breakfast “just folks” and all for her photo ops.

  2. Did a threesome with Bill and Hillary.
    Left Juan for Hillary.
    Suffocated in Hillary’s cottage-cheese like effluvia.


  4. More like a bad package of Levitra.
    ‘Cause she can’t keep anyone around for more than 6 hours.

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