Hillary’s new plan to beat Bernie: He’s SEXIST!!!

An old white man running against an old white woman, who has one identity card he doesn’t.

bernie sanders sexist

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  1. Hardcore feminists don’t think deeply too often, so bandying about the term “sexist” elicits little more than a Pavlovian response from them. Hillary accuses Bernie of being sexist, and that in and of itself is enough to secure a large part of the rabid feminist voting block.

    It doesn’t matter if the charge is true, or even if it makes sense. It’s just waving raw meat in front of a hungry coyote.

  2. At last week’s debate, Joy Behar’s geriatric juicifier declared America’s being sick and tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails.

    In return, cackling Clinton, resurrects a 1973 Bernie Sanders rape dream, reminding the country of her selfless crusade on ‘The War On Women’.

  3. Wasn’t Hillary the one who, as a lawyer, managed to get a raper of a 12 year old girl from being convicted?

    Hillary protected a rapist and laughed about it at the expense of the life of that 12 year old girl. Doesn’t that make Hillary a misogynist or something?

  4. I was having coffee this morning with friends, one is a professional photographer who has met everyone in American politics over the past 40 years, from every president on down. Another friend asked whether he thought Bernie was a nice guy. Total jerk, ass was his response. Bernie is not a nice guy.

    Of course how can a Dem be nice and be successful? They have to push falsehoods with an intent of gaining power.

  5. That wily vagina monologues is very adeptly using that old tried and true political attack on a man by labelling the Mad Hatter as a “sexist”! That old saw from the political bag of tricks just never gets old! Next, she will undoubtedly find a pretext to call him a racist and we will have come full circle!

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