Hillary’s Podium Was a Thing of Interest For Some Sneaky Looking People

I’m going to detail facts, you can draw your own conclusions.

When Hillary first arrived at Hofstra, the first person she sidled up to was ex-NBC employee George Lewis.


They engage in some private conversation.

Immediately after the debate, George Lewis, Hillary’s greeter, becomes fixated on Hillary’s podium.

Lewis, within seconds of the conclusion of the debate, takes Hillary’s notepad off the podium.



But he’s not done. Moments later he doubles back, notepad in hand, and becomes obsessed with something else in the podium. He looks a bit sneaky.


He doesn’t quite get what he’s trying to get.


He gets scared away by a photographer and nonchalantly walks away.


A woman who was always lurking in the background, watching George Lewis’s movements, almost like a lookout, makes eye contact with Bill Clinton and says something to him.




Clinton whispers back.


Immediately following this brief conversation Bill takes Hillary’s hand and, oddly, leads her back toward the podium.


The Clinton’s and their entourage form a weird scrum and surround the podium. George Lewis reappears.




Lewis bends into the podium, while the woman looks to see if he’s accomplished what they’ve set out to accomplish.


Lewis is taking a box from the podium, shielded by this weird scrum. (I brightened the screen capture so you could see.)


Mission (whatever it was) Accomplished.

Note the woman’s suspicious and guilty look. The entourage then exits the stage after their bizarre detour.


Lewis is holding whatever it was he retrieved behind his back.


This happened.

It looked suspicious.

It looked weird and sneaky.

Decide for yourself what an ex-NBC employee is doing for the Clintons.

The Conservative Treehouse has more.

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  1. One wonders just what kind of rigging they’re planning for the next Town Hall debate. Obviously, plants in the audience, but that is not enough to drag Hillary across the finish line. She desperately needs that ear pearl.

    And didn’t that “scrum at the podium” look eerily similar to the SS scrum around Hillary on 9/11?

  2. I watched a bad quality phone video taken by an observer to this abberant behavior on the part of Team Clinton, and saw several retreavals of hardware from under the podium on its shelf. There were two boxes fetched by the team. Trump’s podium was empty there. Makes one wonder if the cheating hardware involved these items. The shifty looks by her goons makes the case for the charge. Plus, documentation of a network assistant dressed in a Fed Ex uniform delivering to Cankle’s Robby a large envelope a week ahead of the debate in front of witnesses. The general thought is the envelope contained the debate questions (which were NOT to be passed out prior to the debate).

  3. I was watching her eyes during the debate. They were always looking down, as if reading something. And apparently she was reading.

  4. Of course she was cheating. That’s what she does.

    Her smug look, her signaling to Holt, she was so beside herself with glee, that she made a complete ass out of herself.

    Even with all that, she had zero substance and came across as so unlikable she couldn’t even sway Democrats to vote for her.

  5. her Thighness had the media posse out in full armor yesterday spewing the same rehearsed wording, about how she owned Trump, and won hands down. As Limbaugh says, maybe in the “DC Insider rating system”, but to most Americans who HATE the insider DC Corrupticrats, fuck you Hilly. Trump is a fighter and stands up to you, sowbelly clinton, and the rest of your miscreant socialists progressives. GO TRUMP!

  6. Now somebody should go back through the debate and see when she is writing, and if there is any correlation with her face-scratching. Could be that while Trump talks, they are feeding her zingers and oppo research which she writes down in shorthand, then signals Holt when she is ready to begin reading.

    Trump should make a point of addressing her more directly in his arguments to distract her from her cribbing game. In the third debate, since it will be like the first, with podiums. This next one, she’s going to have to work without taking notes, hopefully.

  7. There are trillions at stake-you bet your ass Hillary will go to any length to get the power to control that money.

    Do I believe she saw the questions before hand? Was someway getting info at that podium? Was signaling Holt when she wanted to zap Trump with a prepared remark? The question really is, how could you believe otherwise?

    And there’s not only the power & control she would exert over the course of her term(s) but she will use that power to change the demographics so that a Republican will never win the presidency again. So she has the overt backing of REgressives and the silent asset of the UniParty.

    Trump is smart enough to know all of this(and much much more) so I’ll be curious to see how he handles the next one. I came away from this one thinking he didn’t want to throw the whole mess at her at once and he wanted to appear plausible as the president.

    OK, mission accomplished. I’d amp it up.

  8. There should be high definition cameras over top each podium so no one can cheat.
    I still think sneaky bitch will drop like a sack of flour before this is over.

  9. No way to see this any other way. Just wow that we live in a world now where this happens and will go uncontested. I’m glad you posted.

  10. Those two aren’t very good at sneaky, they must be new to the Clinton maggot wad. The looks on their faces and their body language – guilty! JV team sneakys.

  11. It’s a 100% certainty she had the questions pre debate, however, the story about the NBC employee dressed in FedEx uniform is not true – story attributed to The Baltimore Times website, which is bogus.

    The plain Jane shadowing Bill seems to be a SS agent. There is footage from a reddit thread that shows Bill stooping to shake hands with the audience and he stumbles and she reacts and grabs him to prevent a fall. So SS is complicit with skin in the game. Gasp!!! Shock!!!! The horror of it all.

    The whole scene is a cesspool at EVERY FREAKIN LEVEL and they know WE know it and can’t do a damn thing about it, hence Hillary’s confidence she’s got this, and Comey’s smugness that he will still be standing another 7 years.

  12. Hidden podium TelePrompTer, hand signals, ear device (her and a Lester), and . . .
    Who knows what else.
    That bitch needs to go!

  13. Weird that Lewis’ ex-wife passed away as a result of a car accident a week ago?

    This is spreading like wildfire. Lewis is on defense tweeting “wasn’t me, prove it, check my cell phone, check my credit cards”. Lewis has devolved from being an asset to a liability. I have a feeling George will soon be joining his ex in the hereafter.

  14. The mysterious box contains Saul Alinsky’s ashes and a coke spoon, and it’s blessed by the devil himself.

    A lot of good information in this article.

    The single mic thing must be to prevent outsiders from hearing the ear-bud voice if the mic happens to pick it up. Her people can use noise-canceling software to remove it. Wouldn’t want Fox News to get a hold of the raw audio. There are some very sensitive microphones available.

  15. IF WE HAD a FBI, not a patsy of Clinton’s Cartel, or US Federal Marshals not under control of the DOJ and the Clinton Cartel, then a thorough sweep for banned equipment before and after the debates would be done to make that rabid dog Hilly behave. I don’t buy it was just co-happenstance that the agents and the Clintons blocked what the weenie in glasses finally removed from the podium shelf. They KNEW they were being recorded, so they are all complicit in the crimes as usual. And, as posted here on another piece, Comey and his brother are on the take from the Cartel as tax fixers for the Foundation Cartel and previously on boards for the Foundation Cartel. So Comey, Director of the FBI, is guilty like the rest of them. Such LIARS.

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