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Hillary’s Rolling Crash Cart

No wonder Hillary skipped going to a hospital when she abruptly left the 9/11 memorial.  The two vans that make up her ground transport are probably as well stocked as any emergency room.



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  1. It seems reasonable for either candidate would travel with an “ambulance.” I doubt any heads of state travel without one either.

    As far as the external defibrillator, they are almost in every public place.

  2. Help is on the way for hillary

    EXCLUSIVE: Doctor planning world’s first head transplant says he is preparing for his ‘Frankenstein’ surgery by REANIMATING human corpses

    Sergio Canavero plans to do the first human head transplant next year
    His team now plan to conduct ‘Frankenstein’ tests using human corpses
    They will use electricity to stimulate the nerves in dead bodies after first cutting and then reconnecting the spinal cord as a test of their technique
    Russian man who has volunteered to have the first transplant has also revealed that his girlfriend is opposed to him having the operation


  3. The diseased old hag gets top notch medical care courtesy of the tax payers she despises. Meanwhile, I was in the first round of cancellations when democrats shoved obamacare down our throats, so I’ve been left in a lurch about surgery to repair a torn ligament in my ankle. I’ve saved enough, but now I can’t take the time off for it because of Obama’s economy. Democrats are my enemies.

  4. hilderbitch claims to be in perfect health. Then why, pray tell, does she need a medical van as primary ground transport? And why are we paying for it? She’s not queen yet.

  5. I KNOW Hillary has one foot in the grave,
    (1 and a half?)
    but that article doesn’t show
    that ANY of it is in her van.
    Weak tea.

    MONDAY’s “REVEAL” debate!!!

  6. @Czar – I second that. The article text does not persuade me that the newsies had access to her vehicles. Those last two photos are persuasive to the contrary. The next-to-last one is laughable. Death-eyes would never travel in anything so rough and unfinished, plus there are way too many sharp edges and corners for any competently designed mobile medical setup. And the last pic has a layout hard to fit into the back of a GM-based custom van, and some of the same hard edges.

    I call bullshit to the specifics, but not to the basic idea that H-Rod has some kind of ambulance at her disposal.

  7. Watch carefully which vehicle she enters and exits. Is she exiting from the same one she entered? Does Trump have a mobile ER with him? I do not think this is standard practice.

  8. I just heard Hillary is going to release her autopsy report.

    Not my original work, somebody else came up with that little gem.

  9. I’ve never seen the SS use conversion vans, they usually prefer the Suburban or Tahoe. $5 says Hillary bitched about having to climb into an suv rather than step into a van.

    What cracks me up even more are the ghetto ass rims, like they’re trying to make it look more hip or something.

  10. Who the hell is this “Channel 7 News”? Examine the website: it is NOT identified as any kind of TV station, and certainly not ABC-owned Channel 7 in New York. In fact, there is next to nothing on that website giving any clue at all to who these people are or what they’re supposed to be.

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