Hipster Doofus Antifa Trying To Fight

The Trump supporter actually gives the guy a free shot. What follows is hilarious.


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  1. Oh god- the millennial beard. When will this fad go out of style.
    Manly caveman hair doesn’t mean you are manly man. The skinny jeans (or jeans in any other color but blue) give that away.

  2. Looks like he was trying to throw an elbow punch to his chin. He must have seen that on teevee because it doesn’t look like he has practiced it.

  3. @Joe Squid–It looks like one of his friends did try to hit the guy with his purse as the chase commenced. These dopey bastards forget–we hit back!

  4. illustrator,
    “Oh god- the millennial beard.”

    I saw this meme on IG the other day that showed a bearded logger walking down the street. The caption read “Every where I go I gotta bring this damn ax so I’m not confused for being a fing hipster”

  5. And that’s why they’re called suck punches, because if you miss you’re going to be sucking your beer through a straw for a month or so.

  6. I’m curious what would make a guy like that take a wild poke at somebody if he knew he couldn’t fight in the first place. Not that the other guy was a fighter either. I think they spent most their days in school at Band Camp and Chess Club.

  7. These kids have never been in a fistfight. Their Soccer Mommies would never have allowed it.

    Lots of video slapstick coming in future protests.

    Fighting looks so easy in The Matrix and Marvel superhero movies.

  8. You all must remember, these are little turds who were given a prize for participating, their monkey bars were taken away along with dodge ball. Their mommies coddled them and no dad around to toughen them up. These types don’t do well fighting. They get their asses kicked everything and it’s a pleasure to watch. Lol!

  9. Honestly, to see people like that hipster guy, so riled up and angry, for no good reason… it just frustrates the crap out of me. The ONLY people who should be getting attacked are the damn professors and politicians who created this mess. Let’s all combine our forces and kick THEIR asses. I s2g.

  10. @Ted.

    Yes. Look at the guy with the bottle stepping up to attack from behind and at least one other. The funny thing is that they look afraid that the guy will turn on them, which is probably true. Attacking a bear is really not a good idea.

  11. Missed two chances to kick the fag in the face, one chance to take the fag’s legs out. Could have dislocated girly boy’s right shoulder. THAT would have the girly boys screaming for his mommy.

  12. Brad, the hipster does not know he cannot fight. He has watched lots of movies that include fight scenes and he thinks that makes him a expert, much like actors who play a role, such as, say a scientist, and then think they have some scientific expertise as a result.

  13. That was the swing of a guy that is already thinking of the hit he’s going to get for trying it.

    Trying to stay out of a fight he’s starting.

    No conviction of the heart.

    I’ve taken on guys twice my size because they forced themselves on me and I was defending more than myself. I wasn’t going anywhere. They had to lose or it would keep happening to someone who couldn’t fight them back. Someone that mattered to me.

    The crazy guy half my size that attacks for reasons heard only within his own head concerns me a lot more. You can’t teach a lesson to someone who operates on ether. It doesn’t matter to them if it takes a week to wake up from your beating. It’s game on again as soon as they can.

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