Hirono – Eliminating air travel isn’t crazy, denying man made global warming is

29 Comments on Hirono – Eliminating air travel isn’t crazy, denying man made global warming is

  1. I kind of think the tourism in Hawaii might be impacted negatively if there is NO MORE AIR TRAVEL!!!

    Good Lord these people are stupid.

  2. Man made global warming ………… give a specific definition of it and show the scientific evidence of it using real and specific scientific methods of research (not distorted, unrelated, and modified data that could actually indicate other things just as well).

    But don’t expect the left to understand that.

    Their minds can’t think scientifically since it requires logical thinking ability to do so.

  3. No stupid lady, you have not made the case for anyone to just give you more money. Because that’s the only “solution” that you’ve offered to “climate change”.

    —Some cultures breed industrial grade stupidity, over generations.
    She’s evidence that if left on their own, Hawaiians might soon justify cannibalism again.

  4. The Constitution needs to be amended to require IQ and periodic drug tests for all serving members of Congress.

  5. “Penultimate Glacial Period”
    “Last Glacial Maximum”

    Both happened prior to the establishment of “civilization.”

    “Medieval Warm Period (950-1200)”

    Happened prior to industrialization.

    Explain them. In detail. In scientific detail. In Anthropogenic terms.

    Yeah, that’s what I thought – you can’t – nor can any other Globaloney Warming Bullshit Artist.

    Fuck Off, Eat Shit, and Die.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. TSA successfully keeps me out of airports. They didn’t expect so many people to enjoy a finger in their ass to go flying. Only thing left to do is get rid of the airplanes. An alternate plan would get rid of runways like what happened to Meigs Field in Chicago.

  7. You don’t like this ten year central plan? Well what’s your central plan? If you don’t have a central plan we can’t take you seriously. You’ve got nothing to contribute.

    They’re communists. They are communists.

  8. I find it amusing that these congressional feminazis are constantly trying to outdo each other’s crazy.
    Not so funny are the brainless constituents that give crazy a podium.

  9. When I hear “10 year plan” it always reminds me of the old guy with Adam Sandler’s ex in “Big Daddy” – evidently flipping burgers for 5 years was part of his “T.Y.P.”
    Always remember, nothing is as permanent as a temporary government bureaucracy.

  10. Air travel will only be banned for the little, unimportant people. Members of Congress (and former members) their friends, family, and people fighting to protect the environment will, of course, still fly. Out of necessity. For the greater good.

  11. Global cooling (1970s) – – Fool me once shame on me. Global warming (1990s) – – Fool me twice shame on you. Climate change (2010s) – – Fool me three times I’m sofa king stupid just shoot me.

  12. About 10,000 years ago the great lakes area of the United States was covered under a mile of Ice. Using logic, it would seem that is around the time global warming started. Not a lot of SUV’s and airplanes around then.

  13. Without air travel her constituents would have to go back to being sustained on poi, fish and coconuts.

  14. These people are fascists.

    They dont really believe their b.s.

    If they seized absolute power, global warming would suddenly be over. Reeducation camps and the need for genocide would become their new call.

  15. With any luck, air travel will cease when she’s about half-way to Hawaii.

    Ignorance and power are a bad mix – see: Kim, Maduro, Castro, Obola, Lickenpooper, that toilet-seat-licker from Washington, Sandy Ocasio-Cortez, Cory Booger, Mad Max Waters, Fred Wilson, Hank Johnson, de Blasio, Mandela, &c.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. I see what she (and all the other Libtard Socialist DildoCrats) is doing, straw man and conflation of ANTHROPOGENIC (i.e., man made) GloBull Worming/Climate Change, and just regular, normal, natural, seasonal and cyclical climate change.
    All for power.
    I hope she pisses off the goddess Pele. And then suffers the consequences. Violently. And publicly.

  17. @Toxic Deplorable B Woodman: “… just regular, normal, natural, seasonal and cyclical climate change.

    The CO2 thing is just used car salesmanship. Ice core sample from Greenland suggest that CO2 elevations lag _behind_ temperature rise, not vice versa. So now they have the new science of ‘gas bubble mobility’ or some such nonsense to explain that contradiction. They’re goalposts and they move them. It is what they do.
    Daytime causes the sun to come out. That’s how it works for them.

  18. and just what the fuck is with the gender shit?
    ‘man’ made global warming? Women fart too.
    And none of it means anything.

    clean up fukushima, if you want to clean something


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