Hispanic “Halloween”


Fear La Chancla!



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  1. LOL My German mamma could put the fear of god into any serial killer dragging mud into her house, so it’s not just a Mexican thing.

  2. not one ms-13 gang member depicted

    go ahead and slap one of them with a sandal

    just the name “illegal alien” let’s you know they are law breakers.

    but mothers are mothers the world over, mine used to hit me with a big wooden spoon until she broke it on my head.

  3. The Abuelita is loose…everybody PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not even a cup of Cafe Bustello can same him now!

  4. Hey Tricky, Mexican culture has some scary as hell legends like “la llorona” y “el cucuy”. At 3 yrs. of age, you are already familiar with these goblins. I had many a sleepless night every time the wind howled thinking it was “la llorona” looking for her lost children…but not anymore, I’m all grown up now..yep, not anymore.

  5. My Mom rarely struck me. She did something far worse.
    She would say, “You just wait until your Father gets home.”

    Talk about dying a thousand deaths…


  6. my fiancee and I saw that on Fakebook a couple days ago. Funny as hell. She said her Mama and Abuela would come after her and her sister and brother with la Chancla every time they got uppity.

    I was at Mi Tierra with them in San Antonio once when I saw a mother swat her bratty kid with her sandal right there in the restaurant. Lots of knowing smiles all around.

  7. Mickey, my mom had my dad drill holes in the ping pong paddle so there’d be less air resistance to slow it down when she swung it. WAFFLE BUTT!!

  8. @Phuzzy Logick: I had a gym coach in junior high school who did the same thing, except it wasn’t a ping pong paddle – it was a cut down 1X6″ board. He could lift a kid a couple of inches off the floor with that thing.

  9. My mom used my old broken Fat Albert paddle-ball toy to whip my ass. I needed it seldom because the thought of being beat by my own toy was deterrent enough.

    This was a funny video. Well done.

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