Hispanic RINOs vow boycott if Donald Trump wins nomination

“Our message to Trump is, ‘You’re done,’” said Alfonso Aguilar, director of American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership and former official in the administration of President George W. Bush. “‘We think if you are the candidate that Republicans will lose the White House.’”    – WashingtonTimes

super bush and lil jeb
SNIP: Sounds like big brother was forced to call in some favors.

23 Comments on Hispanic RINOs vow boycott if Donald Trump wins nomination

  1. But I’m told I have to hold my nose and vote for the squish they throw up every 4 years. You RINOs can go suck it. Voting for them has gotten us nothing, NOTHING. Go to hell.

  2. Maybe Bush should be the one to man up, look America in the eye, and tell them open borders or you’re losing.

    Why the flunky, incapable of employment in the productive half of America, and now sponging off the productive with his little non profit. Who’s paying for you to be their bitch, Alfonso Aguilar? Where does your funding come from?

  3. what a buffoon……if someone does not stop the invasion of gangbangers, parasites and lowlifes from 3rd world countries, it won’t matter anyway…so suck on that.

    Hey mr. Aguilar, how about we simply adopt MEXICO’s immigration policy? how would that work for you seeing as you a lying sack of shit hypocrite?????

  4. Winning isn’t my primary goal this election.

    Getting a candidate of my choosing, either Carson, Trump or Cruz on the ballot is my goal in 2016. Having one of these candidates on the presidential ballot will give me hope for America and the future of my children.

    If my choice on election day is voting in another Clinton-Bush election I will not vote for president.

    I want a clear choice, and if a Trump, Carson or Cruz cannot win a presidential election in America today that is something I need to know because it will change the way I interact with society from that point forward.

  5. Screw them. Most stayed home in the last two elections so let them boycott. It will be interesting to see what kind of real power this Aguilar fellow actually wields.

  6. Tell ya what, Alfonso. I’ve got an even better idea. This will really help sweeten the deal for those of us who don’t care for your vision of America.

    Get to work on getting Mexico to accept an open borders policy of their own, with millions of Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Savadorans, and Nicaraguan gang bangers streaming in, expecting cradle to grave financial benefits, including health care, rent subsidies, food stamps, etc. Accept willingly their open contempt for your society, too.

    What? Mexico won’t do that?

    Then why the fuck should we?

  7. And would we expect anything different from ANY RINO, of ANY ethnic background? A RINO is a RINO.
    (There’s a Dr Seuss rhyme in there somewhere)

  8. If Romney had gotten 4% more of the white vote in 2012 he would have won. Trump will get that and more.

    This nonsense about the importance of the Hispanic vote is just that. Right now it’s less than 8% of the vote and 60% of them vote Democrat concentrated in NJ, NY and CA.

    The Hispanic vote only becomes significant when you let illegals vote – which is what the Democrats are after and why the GOP is becoming uniparty.

  9. There are way more conservatives then there are Rinos or Demmies. If they ALL get off their fannies and vote for a game-changing candidate, Cruz or Trump, they will win.
    That’s what SHOULD happen.
    If all votes were legal. Which they aren’t.

  10. Rather than not voting, please consider writing in the candidate of your choice. That’s what I intend to do.

  11. Given the current state of affairs as it relates to the House and Senate I fear that a Presidential win by either Trump, Carson or Cruz will be met with more legislative branch opposition than Obama. Just a thought.

  12. Hey, why aren’t the liberals down in Ol’ Mexico protesting the income inequality, and racism and Capital Cronyism, and poverty that drives those poor people out of their homes?

  13. Then you need to read and understand the man behind “The Art of the Deal.” He knows that deals are not deals, deals are people. Negotiation is his art and he is a virtuoso. I’d rather have a pit bull negotiator working on MY behalf for MY values than a hundred assholes working for theirs.

  14. stupid Mexican.

    if the illegals were going to vote for any republican the democrats would do everything in their power to deport them immediately.

  15. Americans should be able to sneak, swim, crawl, lie, cheat and steal to get into Mexico and once there should be treated like honorable guests, including any criminals, and get all the like benefits that we give the scum sucking Mexicans that invaded this country!

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