Historic First That We Can All Be Proud Of -United States House Minority Leader To Judge Drag Show

While Trump makes an appearance at a rally dedicated to giving a voice for the millions of murdered unborn humans, Nancy Pelosi will be getting ready to judge on a show dedicated to men trying to convince people of their femininity by acting swishy and annoying while wearing idiotic outfits and makeup that real woman would never wear.

The left certainly has their priorities in order.

Daily Caller – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will be participating in a drag show as a guest judge for a reality TV series later this year.

Pelosi will be among the guest judges for the third season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” VH1 announced on Thursday. The show features a lineup of men in drag competing before the guest judges.


I’d like to be the first to point out that selecting a “winner” on this show is hurtful, triggering, bigoted, stereotyping and altogether harmful to the psyches of anyone who doesn’t “win,” which is a Eurocentric male cisgender construct.

Pelosi should be impeached, immediately.



20 Comments on Historic First That We Can All Be Proud Of -United States House Minority Leader To Judge Drag Show

  1. Pelosi needs to be permanently removed. If she’s impeached she can still influence other useful idiots.

    Enough with the ‘soft’ approach.

  2. Gay men trying to look like hot straight women.

    Okey-Dokey. I’ve never seen women behave like these sexual animals.

  3. She’s going to be at the finish line, watching the fastest dragster cross the line. Is she in for a big surprise!

  4. Whaddaisay? Youtalkintame? Fuggetaboutit. Gimmeafukinbreak.
    Whiskey, whiskey, Nancy Whiskey. Great song by the Irish Rovers.


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