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Historic West Virginia Catholic church burned to ground by arsonist, police say

St. Colman Catholic Church is the most recent church to face an arson attack

FOX: A historic Catholic church in West Virginia burned to the ground this weekend, and police are now investigating the incident as arson.

St. Colman Catholic Church was already a smoldering ruin when firefighters from the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department arrived to the scene Sunday morning. The church was built in 1878 and was declared an official historical site in 1984.

Authorities have not released information about potential suspects. more

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  1. Didn’t know there were any Catholics in WVa.
    Learn something new every day.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. There is an invisible line out there that the Left is just itching to cross and there are spots in West Virginia that don’t take kindly to this kind of shit!

  3. Tim – FJB
    JUNE 29, 2022 AT 2:49 PM
    “Didn’t know there were any Catholics in WVa.
    Learn something new every day.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …”

    …my parents hail from Fairmont, WV, where my grandparents settled with a LOT of Irish Catholics and Italian Catholics and German Catholics, at least in part to escape the rabidly anti-Catholic hatreds in other parts of the country that the KKK fanned just as furiously as they did anti-Black hatreds.

    No one lives in those hills because it’s easy. They live in those hills because not that many other people want to, and hills are easy to defend.

    And when you’re a Catholic immigrant escaping the political famine in England, there’s a LOT of hatred you need to defend against.

  4. SNS,
    I reiterate: I was ignorant of those facts. I’ve know people from WVa, travelled through WVa, vacationed in WVa – just unaware of the religious (and ethnic) make up of that beautiful state.

    Didn’t imply anything negative.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. @ Tim – FJB JUNE 29, 2022 AT 3:23 PM

    The KKK was very active in Oregon and Washington as well. Both states were teaming with virulently anti-Catholic bigots then and nothing has changed.

  6. Tim – FJB
    JUNE 29, 2022 AT 3:23 PM

    Thank you, I didn’t take it in a bad way, just trying to fill in some blanks. WV is a facinating place because you’re off-camber your whole life, and I suspect the land shapes the people as much as the miners shape the land.

    A lot of those communites are tiny, and so they tend to have tiny amenities like this church that was in this story. Outside the cities like Wheeling and Huntington and the National Parks everyone visits, most places are pretty inconvenient to go to and there’s no overpowering reason to make the trip, so its eaay not to notice them.

  7. Most likely pedometer problem. Something like this is personal.
    Left, FBI,…most likely a righty who was scorned. Diddlin alter boys can have consequences.

  8. I’m sure the fbi is checking cellphone records around the Supreme Court demonstrations, and cross checking those with residents within 50 miles of this church. You know, just like they did with the 1/6 “insurrectionists”. Yeah right.

  9. At least they’re not burning churches with worshipers still in them, like the mooselimbs do. Yet.

  10. WV is now in a Post-Covid-19 Phase and a return to what was customary before the scamdemic. Many small towns (pop. 5,000-plus peeps) have some killer bands performing outdoors for free along with parades, vintage and custom car shows, farmers markets, train rides through the mountains, VERY POLITE PEOPLE (and patriotic), many Scottish/Irish ancestry and Catholics too, some wild kids who grow up fast, exceptional LE and schools/scholarships, great Mayors who listen and more sincere politicians than most states.

    One of the many places in many states where America is respected and preserved. Moved here four years ago and love it! Don’t believe everything you hear in the mainstream news about WV. You just have to experience it yourself.

    You can find out what’s going on in north/central WV via the “Inter-Mountain” Website, as well as other WV news sites.

  11. pianamusic
    JUNE 29, 2022 AT 5:43 PM

    …I just remember how the Manningon Fair was THE big deal when we went to visit kin in those pre-cellphone, pre-internet days. My grandma’s house in Fairmount had push button light switches and the local Catholic church had an altar poodle, and we “citified” kids alternated between bored as hell at the lack of entertainment and terrifed beyond measure at what REAL farm animals were like up close, when they peed on you through the barn slats.

    But the folk were great, treated us like family even after we were gone for years and didn’t really know us at all, and never felt threatened or ripped off by mountain folk, though non-kin tended to keep to themselves and appreciated it if YOU would, too…

  12. SNS
    June 29, 2022 at 6:03 pm

    Yea. Have noticed how things have changed since the advent of accessible Internet in these areas and their local libraries. I’ve heard the folks were very shy, but still courteous. Started roaming through West MD and most all of north-central WV on weekends since 2005. Just takes time to “ease down” from living/working in NYC, DC-Metro area. San Fran, Chicago, etc.. But…

    Just one man’s opinion at a semi-retired aspect and now able to look in awe at the majesty of life all around us in the middle of, “My God! How did this all happen”?

    PS, SNS, Still contend you consider writing a book(s) about your life’s experiences.

  13. Burn a (Catholic – but brand of religion doesn’t matter) church?
    Find the arsonist, hang him from his feet and beat him a la Mussolini, then burn him while he’s still alive to enjoy the pleasure.
    Recidivism rate? Zero.

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