History repeats itself: France’s existential crisis

American Thinker: French history is one of revolution, sometimes bloody, but always accompanied by cultural and political upheaval.  France is a far more revolutionary country than the U.S., although that may be due more to the political stability of the two-party system in America.  There have been five different “republics” in France since 1790 as the French have tinkered with how their governments work.  Will we see a sixth?

Once again, France appears to be roiled by revolution.  The yellow vest protests that have been going on since November are only the outward manifestation of an inward convulsion.  But the cause is an old one: equality.

Far more than the U.S., French society is stratified and riven by class struggles.  Today, those elites have gotten so out of touch with ordinary Frenchmen that many have taken to the streets.  How far will this revolution go?

France 24:

The failure of Macron’s bid to restore faith in politicians in France could have repercussions in a country where anti-establishment far-right and far-left parties have never been so popular.

Research published last week by the Cevipof political institute at Sciences Po university found more than two thirds of the French people still had overwhelmingly negative views of politicians.

When asked to sum up their feelings towards them, 37 percent said they felt “distrust”, 32 percent “disgust”, eight percent “boredom” and four percent “fear”.  MORE

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  1. If I could accomplish such by fiat, I would compel all the members of congress and the senior executive service to dress like the residents of the Capitol in ‘Hunger Games’.

    I have the distrust and disgust mentioned above, but not the boredom. The balance is fear. And if you proclaim you have no fear, you are either boastful or simple.

  2. If we took to the streets wearing yellow vests, the only person in DC who would understand why would be the guy that the LSM and the Deep State would claim is responsible.
    For sure, Pelousy would make some senile comment about the color being the wrong shade of yellow and how she is on the side of the “little guy”.

  3. @Lowell – Your idea about clothing is a good one. I suggest that even better would be for all of them to be required to work in the nude. Not only would that be nicely symbolic of the Emperor in the well-known fable, but also it’s unlikely they’d get much obedience or even respect with their flaccid dicks and pendulous dugs swinging in the swampy air.

    But I wouldn’t want to watch it on the teevee.

  4. The coffee’s perking furiously, but it is not boiling over — yet.

    I do not have a good bead about what will happen, there.

    I hope Britain does a “no deal” Brexit. That will be a significant domino, but….

    …like America’s deep state, there are trillions upon trillions of globalist dollars at stake. Can we be made slaves? ….smile…. Happy slaves? …with soma? I don’t know. ….Lady in Red

    PS: For now, I am grateful, very grateful, for The Donald.


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