History Repeats Itself

Uncanny resemblance? They are using the same playbook Hitler did …. but they are calling everyone else a Nazi!

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  1. Seriously everyone, how do you think this will end? How long will Americans, who are sick of the politics of control, tolerate this?

    In my opinion, a tyrant only will relinquish power one way, and I don’t think we are too far from that reality.

  2. The Biden admin is a fascist government body.
    Begging the question: Where is antifa now?
    Now that both are exposed to light we can see that neither is who they claim to be.

  3. I noticed this dynamic three decades ago. That is when I studied the connections of the progressive movement to the National Socialists in Germany In the 1920s and 30s. It is right there in the progressive’s own contemporary periodical literature. It continued right through Operation Barbarossa and never really abated. The dirty motherfuckers idolized Hitler and the Nazis and still do to this day.

    The ONLY problem they EVER had with Hitler and the Nazis was that they attacked Stalin. That is a stone cold natural fact Jack and anyone who does not recognize it as such either hasn’t been paying attention to histor or is willfully ignorant at this point.

  4. After seeing the pictures of the swarms of stormtroopers and all the shorts & tee shirt Fed Chads in DC today, its pretty obvious that if a hypothetical group wanted to accomplish a big objective in a certain place on a certain day, all they’d need to do is announce a rally in DC to be held on that certain day. The door would be wide open everywhere else. We are being oppressed by people who are not very bright or outside the box in their thinking.

  5. I can’t watch it. You have to sign in to confirm your age and I don’t have a youtube account because fuck youtube.

  6. Back in 2010 my most-lefty friend was spouting off lib talking points to a small crowd on our club boat dock and refered to Nazis as right wing.

    I asked how they were right wing and he could only shrug and say “because they are.


    How so? Do you know why they are called Nazi? Nazi is short for National Socialist German Workers’ Party. What is right wing about that? That’s you guys.

    The Nazis implemented the first national gun control. That’s you guys. That’s not right wing.

    They kicked Christ out of the schools and put up Hitler’s picture in His place. That’s you guys. Obammy’s picture is being worshiped in schools as we talk and Christ is removed and covered in sheets by YOU GUYS.

    The Nazis gave women with kids money if they didn’t have a man in the house thus making millions fatherless because of the incentive. That’s you guys

    The Nazis demonized the Jews and cancelled their businesses and killed as many of them as they could. You guys are doing this to normal Americans with your social justice war.

    I was up to about #7 and he started “alrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalright”

    I only do things like this when there is an audience. Otherwise it’s like farting in the wind. He denies he got dressed down at all.

  7. This video may be inappropriate for some viewers! I was expecting profanity or worse, instead I got truth. Very good and timely reminder of where we’re heading in things don’t change soon.

  8. Thirdtwin: back in the 90’s a nut job with a samurai sword was waving it around in downtown Seattle. I have seen Seattle police praised on TV shows since then for resolving the situation without violence. Fine.

    What they don’t tell you is that just about every on-duty police officer in Seattle was at that scene. There was virtually no police protection anywhere else in the city.

  9. A lot of parrallels can be made, but one thing always holds true: The Liberal Left always accuses the right of exactly what the Left actually does! And along the same lines, you can assume the opposite of anything that comes out of Jackass Joe’s mouth!


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