Histrionics and threats that “this city will burn” after corrupt judge is sentenced to a measly 6 months

Tracie Hunter is a piece of work. She became a judge in Ohio only after multiple lawsuits claimed she was the actual winner in a disputed election. Her campaign alleged that polling people sent voters to the wrong tables, which invalidated their votes. With the help of democrat judges Hunter finally prevailed, miraculously finding enough votes, 74, to make her the winner. It’s amazing how those numbers worked themselves out.

When she took the bench there were immediate problems. No longer would juveniles be shackled in court (creating flight risks), sentences for black juveniles became light. In one high profile case, where 6 youths mercilessly and savagely beat a man because “they were bored,” none of the six did any jail time.

—Watch Hunter do the ol’ fake fainting bit after her sentencing. Her supporters threaten to burn down the city—

Both prosecutors and public defenders complained that her cases were backlogged at absurd levels. Even still, she took leaves of absence, including hospital stays for anxiety. Later, she was indicted for changing the dates on court documents in order to escape scrutiny and to prevent appeals.

She was also indicted for misusing court credit cards.

Her 6 month sentence, yesterday, was for illegally providing her brother confidential documents for his upcoming disciplinary hearing after he punched a juvenile in the face while working as a guard in a juvenile detention center. Dear sis gave her brother the victim’s confidential documents including medical records.

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The black community has rallied around this horrendous judge as if this is the best society has to offer, threatening to “burn down the city” after this corrupt and complete incompetent was finally delivered a modicum of justice.

Her timeline HERE

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  1. Don’t be so Hastings. She’s got a seat in Congress ready for her, right Alcee? ‘The Community’ Theater is planning its next production of Bigotry: It’s Not Us, It’s U.

  2. Shes’ a piece of shit! Look at all the cases they’re going to have to review because of her!
    All the fraud and corruption… She should never leave jail.

    I have never seen water buffaloes standing on their hind legs for so long.

  3. Of course the black community rallied around the black judge.

    In other news, the sky is blue in the daylight hours.

    Just sayin’.

  4. “Of course the black community rallied around the black judge.”

    Because she was handling their cases and let them off with minimal jail time, if at all.

  5. That was no fake fainting spell. It was a deliberate act of defiant protest, like when protesters lay down and make the police pick them up and arrest them. The look on her face as she was being dragged out says it all. Defiant.

  6. If she was a judge in it, it’s a city WORTHY of being burned down. So long as her supporters aren’t allowed to escape the flames they set! 😡

  7. … we lived with this chick for a while in Cincinnati, she got in basically from vote fraud for provisional ballots and she ran her juvenile court so completely crazy that the procecuter and the sherriff couldn’t work with her. She freed a lot of li’l savages so they could have a head start on being BIG savages, back dating documents, etc., and any attempt reign her and resulted in cries of racism and sexism….you know the drill. Against the backdrop of the 2000 riots, NO ONE wanted none o’that, so she Chalet did them a favor by committing an obvious crime so they could finally get her off the bench.

    It also didn’t help her that her supporters were badgering the judge who pronounced sentence…AT HIS HOME. Judges don’t LIKE that.

    Now, the usual local Sharpton wannabes want to torpedo local events, boycott this, burn that, threaten judges, etc., all over this psycho bint that disgraced her office and was tried, convicted, tried AGAIN, convicted AGAIN, given stays, multi-level reviews, etc., and STILL wants to invoke Black Privilege or the city will BURN.

    …we all learned a lesson from the 2000 riots.

    We’re MUCH better armed now.

    …so go on, burn your sanctuary shithole. But come up 75, and they’re gonna be squeegeeing blood of off the off-ramps for months to come, so bring it, let’s get this over with…

  8. …the nice thing is, the riots will probably take out the liberal neckbeard enclaves that they gentrified parts of black neighborhoods into. That should do a nice job of killing the city’s renaissance, the whole idea of living downtown, let those liberals taste the fruits of the evil they cultivated firsthand.

    Hopefully, they will not survive it.

  9. …. they were actually pulling random white people out of cars on the North/South roads of this city during the 2000 riots, and beating them, women and children, they just didn’t care. Of course, the media tried to make sense out of people who were filmed stopping the beatings after they had got a certain amount of time, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t participate in the beatings to begin with.

    No one was ever held accountable.

    … of course, all this was before concealed carry.

    … going to be interesting to see how THAT changes the dynamic…

  10. Someone towards the end of the water buffaloes grazing period says “They sending a black girl to jail”…….I guess someone had to break the streak once and for all [sarcasm intended]. I’m sure she’ll find plenty of company real soon, nice looking lady like her.

  11. John
    JULY 23, 2019 AT 12:15 PM
    “Hell, She sounds like most of the criminal court judges in Baltimore.”

    …I remember when Criminal Court meant there were criminals on ONE side of the bench, not BOTH…

  12. Imagine the payoffs this woman took? And al the bribers whose investment went bad?

    You’d be pissed too!

  13. …just so you know, the day of her “election”, the old White dude she was running against actully had WON. Amid cries of racism and vote suppression, they dragged it out for a YEAR, kept recounting and adding in “provisional” (read: “fishy”) votes for her until she “WON”.

    By 71 votes.

    …sound familiar? Kind of Franken-y?

    …but it was 2012.

    THIS was the PROTOTYPE for ALL future Democrat “elections”…


  14. Funny you said Baltimore, John. That’s what I was thinking too.
    Is Baltimore in Ohio?

    I thought of Charles Barkley telling Spike Lee in that funny March Madness ad: “Finally, we’re in de Annapolis.”
    “Charles, we’re supposed to be in Indianapolis.”

    And as the peeps demand: burn it down, wherever it is they is.

  15. I agree with Claudia- the feinting was faked. You can tell by her eye movements as she is dragged out, as she looks around to see what people’s responses are.
    Hopefully she is dis-barred and not allowed to practice law.

  16. Garbage people… everywhere you look now… garbage people… If we were really honest with ourselves, we’d see exactly why Jim Crow laws existed.

  17. In one high profile case, where 6 youths mercilessly and savagely beat a man because “they were bored,” none of the six did any jail time.””

    …that man’s life was ruined, after he went home from the hospital he was afraid to open the door or go outside,couldn’t even go to heaven s attacker’s sentencing hearing, and died within the year.

    For nothing.

    …and “judge” Crazy just let’s ’em out because, Black…


  18. The drana never stops with these people.

    Due to evolution, living with man-eating animals in Africa, blacks are hair-trigget emotional, crave excitement, easily distractable, and seek hedonisn every minute of the day.


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