Hit Piece By Breitbart’s Editor Aimed At Ben Shapiro Was an Unnecessary Low Blow

I’ve written about 6 versions of this post and deleted them all. I don’t even know what I want to say.

How do you articulate a depression, a pall that has enveloped you because of what is happening during this primary?

I can’t. I’ll try.

I wish Trump never existed

This is not a bash of Trump. He’s the straw that’s stirring the drink, but he’s cracked the glass. (I’m not sure that even makes sense.)

His existence is causing a chasm. Trump naively thinks that he’s going to be a uniter, the maker of a big tent. It’s not going to happen. People are not going to let it happen. There are rifts that have been formed that will never heal.

#GrabGate is only the beginning.

Fields and company were obviously all too happy to try and turn a nothing moment into “something”…”anything.” Had Fields been a Trump supporter #GrabGate would never have been “a thing.” But Trump needs to be destroyed, so journalists are going to goose reality into fantasy and hope it sticks. Many will applaud her “journalism.” Others will condemn it.

Ben Shapiro was an editor with an agenda and was all too happy to die on the Michelle Fields hill, even after video surfaced that shows Fields exaggerated the moment in order to “get Trump.” Many will applaud Ben. Others will condemn him.

Pollak was willing to write a ridiculous piece about a former colleague and good friend because he supports Trump. He wants to get anyone that wants to get Trump. Many will applaud his “journalism.” Others will condemn it.

These attitudes were always reserved for Right v. Left. This is Right v. Right. This will not end nicely.

This is depressing.

Even if Trump wins the presidency, there will be people on the right who will be actively rooting for him to fail. It’s human nature, and it’s something I don’t want to witness.

If Cruz wins, the disgruntled Trump people will be measuring him against a standard that Trump probably would never have been able to achieve. Cruz will be “horrible” no matter how adequate he is.

I wish Trump never existed.

*Now when is Clarence the angel going to swoop in and show me the error of my wish?


Pollack used Shapiro’s father’s pseudonym as a byline. David Shapiro wrote under the name William Bigelow. David Shapiro also resigned from Breitbart Sunday night.

This is going to get much uglier, people. And I don’t see it healing any time soon thereafter.

by WILLIAM BIGELOW14 Mar 201618

LOS ANGELES — Former Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro announced Sunday evening via left-wing Buzzfeed that he is abandoning Andrew Breitbart’s lifelong best friend, widow, hand-picked management team and friends in pursuit of an elusive contributorship at the Fox News Channel.

Friends of Hamas could not be found for comment.
Shapiro, a Harvard lawyer and member of the State Bar of California, apparently violated virtually every clause in his employment contract during an appearance on The Kelly Filelast Thursday evening.
It was business as usual for the ambitious conservative gadfly, who is known to live on the edge, courting and then leaving a series of companies over the past several years.
Buzzfeed, a site that has been aiming to destroy Breitbart News since the moment Andrew Breitbart died, and which has predicted the demise of Breitbart.com for the past four years, rewarded Shapiro for his bravery by placing news of his resignation just beneath several other hot stories, including “This Wee Little Snake Taking Its First Breath Will Cure Anyone’s Fears,” and “2/26: How Two Llamas And A Dress Gave Us The Internet’s Greatest Day.”
The story ran next to a photograph of a baby snake hatching from its shell, apparently for emphasis. Somehow, Shapiro’s name was omitted from the headline on Buzzfeed’s home page.

Screenshot / Buzzfeed

Screenshot / Buzzfeed

Baby Snake close-up

Baby Snake close-up
Breitbart news editor-in-chief Alex Marlow was stupefied: “My friend Ben Shapiro broke the news on a website that asks its staff to drink their own urine? Impossible.”
Breitbart California editor Joel B. Pollak, Shapiro’s friend and fellow Orthodox Jew, expressed concern for his former colleague.
“I’m worried. I had enjoyed listening to Ben read Breitbart California stories, word for word, without attribution, on his morning radio show. Now what will he do for content?”
Breitbart News senior management issued a short statement: “Ben’s listicles will be missed.”
The mood was somber at Breitbart News’ Los Angeles office, where one staffer stared silently at promotional copies of Shapiro’s books, left behind on the shelves when the author stopped showing up for work, several years ago.
Alleged Fox News contributor Michelle Fields also resigned.
Statement from Breitbart News Editor-at-Large and In-House Counsel Joel B. Pollak:

The article was written by me as part of an effort to make light of a significant company event, and was published as a result of a misunderstanding without going through the normal editorial channels.

I apologize to Michelle Fields, my friend Ben Shapiro, and to everyone concerned.

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  1. Nope. Obama started as a Hope and Change unifier and moved to the dark side. The opposite will happen with Trump. Over time, folk will calm down, forget, perhaps, even, get happy…pleased? The #NeverTrump folk will forget. We always do. ….Lady in Red

  2. I’d like to think you’re right. I have no faith.
    I’ve seen and heard about things that have already occurred on a personal level that have depressed me, all “because” of Trump.

    When I say I wish Trump never existed I’m hoping Clarence the Angel will whisk me away and show me how wrong I am, and that Trumpville, or Cruzville, will be great.

    I highly doubt it.

  3. Close your eyes, clap your hands and *wish* really hard. …like for Tinkerbell to get well….? ….smile.

    *I* am more optimistic than I have been in decades. I can’t plot the map, exactly, but I’m confident there is no other way out of the liberal morass and the failed “global” economy of the uni-party.
    ….Lady in Red.

  4. What could possibly be worse than a two-term preznit who is a liar, a narcissist, and an America-hating TRAITOR ??

    In the constant effort to minimize the ‘amiable dunce’, a reporter dismissed him thus: “President Reagan, you’re just an optimist.”

    Reagan: “No, I’m a realist, but I’m optimistic about the future.”

  5. “I wish Trump never existed”? Win or lose I’m glad as hell that Trump is there. We need someone saying what he is saying. I’m mad as hell and I’m not alone.

  6. Trump is the match that lit the fuse

    no one can really believe that Trump was the one that stirred this up ….. can we?

    Barack Obama stirred this up. Bernie Sanders stirred this up. Bill & Hillary Clinton stirred this up. the Supreme Court stirred this up. miriad others, from George Soros, Bill Ayers, Jorge Ramos, Black Lives Matter, Queer Nation, Travon Martin, Ferguson, & most of all, the countless politicians from both parties in national, state & local positions that are bringing about the destruction of the United States of America upon us, stirred this up

    no, Trump didn’t start this…. he was just the catalyst that has awaked a large portion of the populous ….. a portion of the populous that has had about enough

    will it be enough? …. stay tuned

  7. I am delighted that Trump exists. It is way past time to shine a light on this diabolical lawless system.
    So many high crimes are committed on a daily basis in DC that we should be storming the God damned gates.

    Why the hell do they want to destroy DJT? Because he appears to be the guy who will not go along to get along. He does need their money.

    The DC fat cats who commit pedophilia, run drugs, sex trafficking etc….are scared shitless.

    And then we have so called blogger journalists pansy asses who whine and complain about jack shit.

    So two people quit Breitbart. Who gives a shit.

  8. If you think the rallies are ugly, wait for the Conventions this Summer at two venues inside the Beast’s Underbelly… Philadelphia and Cleveland. 👿

  9. It reminds me of the witch hunts and/or cattle stampedes. Screaming, shoving, crying, panic driven witch hunters, trying to stampede the herd.

    I am not a Trumpette, but this horror show, set up by the left, sure makes me want to jump up and shield him. And Bernie saying no violence; what about the violence of #BLM? They thrive on creating violence in order to stampede the crowds.

  10. Trump has done what the Democrats could never do, he divided Conservatives and Christians and the whole right. People became so angry during Obamas reign all they wanted to do is burn it down without thinking about what the future would be like.

  11. Well, I write things as trial balloons to see where we are.
    I’m depressed and distressed.

    I’m not going to argue with any Polyanna.

    Your job is to convince me I don’t have my head on straight.

    I’m not telling you you’re wrong.

    I’m feeling as if the existence of Trump (not blaming Trump) is creating an unwinnable situation.

    I’m all ears as to why I’m being fatalistic here.
    I want to be convinced otherwise.

  12. Without TRUMPH [sic], we’d be staring at Cruz versus the ‘My Amnesty Is Better Than Your Amnesty®’ crowd. We’d be awash in $100 GuacaBowls ($2.99 at WalMart), ¡Marco Si! signs and ‘Dr. Carson is the Rx for America’ banners.

    And Hitlery would already be calling all her friends to offer them the best pork deals in the upcoming Clinton3 presidency.

  13. Also, BFH – as ethical reporters who are supposed to be more interested in reporting the truth than pushing an agenda – Shapiro and Fields should have made sure of their facts first.

  14. Fur, despite all evidence to the contrary you harbor the deep suspicion that Trump is not Trump: “…a standard that Trump probably would never have been able to achieve.” You even write it in the future tense, believing, I assume, that he will not get the nomination or win the election.

    Do I believe Trump will meet his own standards? Given all the forces arrayed against him, both here and abroad, by people who have so much to lose (both materially and their so-called “true Conservative” reputations), probably not. But it won’t be because he didn’t give it his all! Why Conservative, Inc. wants this enterprise to fail is barely within my ability to grasp.

    I think the video that shows Lewandowski slipping past Fields is enough for anyone with two good eyes to see that this was a set-up. Now for Shapiro and Fields to put on a show of false indignation for having had their veracity questioned is bizarre, if not plain contemptible.

    But, since Fields has filed a criminal charge against Lewandowski (or the Trump campaign), we shall all see, if the court is objective, how this turns out. As we all know, Fields already has may strikes against her vis the NY police dept., Allen West, Daily Caller, et al.

    And as far as Trump not being a uniter, a big tent builder, well that’s going to be on the backs of those who refuse to give up any of their false pride over who is and who is not conservative enough. Trump can explain all he wants but he can’t be responsible for everyone’s thinking, too, if they are determined not to think outside their insular bubble.

  15. Frankly, *I* never understood why Fields did not apologize — to whoever the hell was *forced* to press her out of Trump’s way. Security is *very* important for him. What right did she have to “get in his face” whoever it was who left teeny bruises on her arm?
    …Lady in Red

  16. @boom ~ as for Trump dividing the ‘Conservatives’ …. good! the real conservatives need to be divided from the so-called republican ‘establishment’ conservatives. the ‘establishment’ Rinos are not on our side … they really never were…. they are just as slimy as the democRATs, maybe more so in that they pretend to be with us, only to join the demoRATs every chance they get … then wring their hands & moan & wail about how they ‘just couldn’t do it’, ‘it wasn’t the right time’


    and as for Trump dividing the Christians….. he’s getting more so-called ‘Evangelicals’ than Cruz

  17. Hey, Hat!!!

    You’re suffering from the effects of being way too close to the fires of politics, for way too long! Intense exposure to the deleterious effects of the daily grind, which has become the political process in this nation, destroys both one’s sense of perspective and one’s sense of well-being. It’s like combat fatigue.

    Look back to some of the funny and non-political posts these past few days. Your mind and body are telling you that you need some R&R. Take it. We can’t lose a good soldier at this stage of the war.

    The whole thing at Breitbart is ugly, to be sure. But any time we’re dealing with people, we are going to be alternately shocked and gladdened. We cannot make too much out of the shock, and we must harken unto the goodness that’s out there.

    It’s a long slog. Battles are lost and won, but winning a war takes endurance and embracing of the long haul. Hang. In. There!

    Thank you, very sincerely, friend.

  18. Trumps the big truth pill in a Nation that has drifted so far off course we’ve lost our way. The new normal is not where a lot of us want to be. It is a revolution, or at least an uprising, by the blue color silent majority. Combine that with a bunch of candidates that would sell their souls to become President, and a media that constantly is pouring gas on the fire, add a pinch or George Soros and here we are. Guys like Ben Shapiro should chose their moves carefully or they’ll get caught in the crossfire.

  19. And as far as Trump not being a uniter, a big tent builder, well that’s going to be on the backs of those who refuse to give up any of their false pride over who is and who is not conservative enough. >>

    You’re restating my piece back to me.
    And, if you know me at all, I think the majority of people are not capable of humility.
    Therefore, I’m not very optimistic.

    I’m humble enough to say I hope I am dead wrong.

  20. BFH, I think you are right, we are in an unwinnable situation. At least with Trump we have a chance to go down fighting.

  21. ^^^^What AA said. Also, how is he NOT A uniter, when 10’s of thousands of people are showing up for his rallies, and democrats and independents are registering as replublicans just so they can vote for TRUMP in the primaries. A neighbor of mine who has NEVER voted (because she always staunchly maintained that the system is rigged and it doesn’t make any difference whether she votes or not), has recently registered to vote so she can vote for him.


    In March of 1980, Reagan polled 28-points behind Carter in a prospective match-up!

    “Reagan can’t win!” we were told by the Romney-Rockefeller-Bush crowd. “He’ll get beat worse than Goldwater!”

    The establishment never will “get it”.

  23. Democrats have historically low turnouts in the primaries this year.

    The opposite is true for Republicans, driven mostly by the Cruz Trump voters.

    Wait until the General Election rolls around, and we have Hitlery offering her formula-driven, lying, tired bromide diet.

    Hell, I’m optimistic.

  24. I can’t wait for Trump’s bean counters to get in there, and expose all the corruption in DC. He should have weekly Press conferences addressing the latest unearthed shit from BOTH sides. The people will LOVE HIM for this. Only Politicians and Media enablers will whimper, and who cares about them! The ‘Good ol’ Boy’ network is going to be turned on its head.

  25. People involved here didn’t live up to the belief system they espouse.

    The minute Pollak tried to suppress other voices at Breitbart was the moment he turned some inside the organization against it.

    We have laws, we have courts, we have institutions that are entrusted to sort through conflicts that can’t be addressed in less formal / personal basis between individuals. He should have directed everyone to let the process play out in the public institutions but not prevent anyone from stating their own opinions.

    This hit piece by Pollak is ugly, unnecessary and only serves to give sympathy to those he disagrees with.

    He should be gone from Breitbart for this error in judgment. The statement from there should have been one of regret at losing Fields and Shapiro and left at that.

    The personal attack is a terrible reflection on the whole organization. Not because it got out, but because it was penned in the first place. It gives the feel that the people in charge there are more interested in pursuing a personal agenda rather then the truth and principles of its founder.

    Time to clean house and start over again at Breitbart.

  26. Fur…. I don’t think there are any Pollyanna’s in this crowd, any with a sense that electing and supporting Trump is going to be a cake walk. Turning the ship 180 degrees won’t be easy.

    I hope he turns out to be like Lucky Jack in a Patrick O’Brien novel and we can function as a loyal, fighting crew..
    …Lady in Red

  27. This feels like both parties have consumed emetics to purge their more “extreme” branches into splinter parties and both “middles” get lumped together into the uniparty it really has become.
    In doing so, you marginalize the fringe and finally get rid of the Reagan wing once and for all.

    It doesn’t matter because the GOPe and the DEMe are bought and paid for by the same benefactors–and their best interest is certainly not ours.

  28. Are the Ben Shapiros, Right Scoops, Dave Blounts and Mendermans just flotsam that can be so easily jettisoned?

    Can Trump be considered a uniter without this coalition in the tent?

  29. Mr. Hat I have one question for you. Do you think Andrew Breitart would like a candidate like Trump?

  30. Trooper John Smith might be right. A day or two off is needed every now and then. No need to feel guilty if you are not around for a couple days.

  31. There you go thinking again Bigfur. This election is making everyone’s head hurt. I was thinking about voting for Kasich even though I am for Cruz, just to deny Ohio to Trump. Now Kasich is doubling down on “comprehensive immigration reform,” having Romney and Boehner campaign for him. So a CBS poll comes out that Kasich for good reason is dropping like a brick and Cruz is gaining fast. Now I am turning back to Cruz, the guy I liked in the first place. Crazy isn’t it

  32. We must all unite (it’s up to us) and vote for whoever the nominee is. Hold your breath, shake your fist, bite your lip, say your prayers, do whatever, but vote for the Republican nominee. Otherwise, we’re done. It’s not that complicated. Is it?

  33. BFH,
    You are feeling the same as I feel when I learn about voter fraud and worry that Trump voters are disenfranchised; when I think about how nice life was before the 60s chaos; when I realize that the grandkids probably don’t have a future as good as ours. The only bright light at this point (besides God of course) is looking at what Trump is doing to invigorate the people to fix the country. Look at that.

  34. Yes, Navigator, it *is* more complicated than merely voting for a Republican RINO, a member of the global uni-party and continuing the ole same ole…. If the Republication nominee is *not* Trump, the destruction of America may be a tad slower and Hillary may be a tad faster, but the direction of hell is the same.
    ….Lady in Red

  35. BigFur, This election Has been driving me so crazy I was even considering sending a few buck to a politician I lean towards. Then I thought, I think I will hit Big Furhat’s tip jar. The money will be better spent. Keep it up big guy. You’re doing the Lords work.

  36. Trump exists because the Republican party has failed.
    So you’re saying you rather have another typical politician/lawyer bullshit you into the White House and dangle the same ol’ problems like a carrot so we continue to “need” them to “fix the problem” and nothing gets done while we rack up debt.
    If Trump is NOT successful we will never know if the political leaders are just full of shit or our system is truly irreparable.

  37. @BOOM – You have no idea what Breitbart would have done. And posting links to Moonbattery at this point just proves your hatred of Trump. It looks like an insane asylum over at Moonbattery these days.

  38. Geoff,
    I couldn’t even guess. I would never speak for Breitbart like some of these people are doing, especially Ben Shapiro, who seems to think he’s “dead Andrew’s” official spokesperson.

    In fact, my 3rd edition of this post had that very point in it and I dumped it.

    I could see many scenarios

    – Breitbart would not like a number of things about Trump, falling short of support, but would welcome his existence because he represented a challenge to the status quo.

    -Breitbart wouldn’t like Trump because he was a “bully.” Breitbart was a notorious anti-bully guy.
    But I’m not sure Breitbart would accept the premise that Trump is a bully.

    – Breitbart, a pragmatist, would love Trump because he bridges the gap between conservatives and republicans, a necessary bridge for the right to compete in the political arena, despite conservative’s loathing of the GOP.

    You never knew with Breitbart. He was always surprising you with an angle you didn’t see and could always make sense of it.

  39. Go to any pro Trump site, Breitbart, Conservative Nuthouse, Drudge and they all have the same thing in common… anger, false information and a deep hatred for Ted Cruz.

  40. Is it Trump causing this or is it the fear of dishonest thieves losing control of trillions of Americans dollars and all their freedoms they have no right to?

    Remember – the Colonists desire for freedom caused Ben Franklin’s estrangement from his monarchy supporting son. They never spoke again.

    Should we have ditched “government of the people, by the people and for the people” when King George and the monarchists fired up on us?

  41. O.D.

    I will be sending a donation to Cruz if he is the nominee.
    You have my word on that.
    And I will be urging readers to do the same.

    (I do not put up links for candidacy donations during the primary.)

  42. Typical Trump supporter close your eyes plug your ears and yell la la la I can’t hear you. The link I posted has Breitbarts own words. He supported Ted Cruz. You might try reading next time before you spout off nonsense.

  43. LIR, then if Trump isn’t the nominee, why dont you waste your time, go to the voting booth, write his name in, and kiss your country goodbye, because you just helped Hitlery get elected. Congratulations. Yup, it’s that simple.

  44. I have the flu, so if Im being dense please forgive me….

    You are mad at Trump because a lying reporter and her too smart for his oun good co-worker quit? In a primary season, may so called elites and talking heads the play the “my way or you lose “game, you hold this against Trump supporters?

  45. Fur, in response to your most recent questions:

    Trump is a man on a mission to save this country. He is not overly accommodating to anything or one that has an agenda that is not helpful to the United States. He doesn’t care what color or ethnicity you are, whether you’re rich or poor, educated or ignorant, or what party you’ve affiliated with — or not. If you share that goal, great! It’s that simple.

    The tent is open, but don’t expect to set up your own corner of it and run the show. And *that*, I think, is why the stupid egos at NR and those others you name are having such a hard time. They’ve been the big dogs in shaping Conservative, Inc. thought it really angers them that a guy like Trump — the “clown” — is having a greater impact than they could achieve over years and decades. And Trump isn’t following their over-engineered plans for how it *should* have all played-out.

    They are all being exposed, as Trump puts it, as eggheads — mere committees.

    Drat and double drat! Damn you, Trump!

  46. Boom,
    I find it fascinating that on this particular post, one that is largely about how Ben Shapiro went “all-in” on a story that has been proven to be false (see the video where Fields is not pulled down and roughed up) because of his deep hatred of Trump, that you’d make the charge that the pro-Trump sites are filled with deep hatred and false information.

    Do you get off on creating mammoth-sized irony? Is that your thing?

  47. I don’t like Trump. I hate Hillary and Bernie and liberal Democrats.

    I’ll take a chance on Trump before I turn the country back over to them for another 4 to 8 years.

  48. I think the critical difference here is akin to the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” phenomena. Trump’s diagnosis of what ails America is one of those demarcation points that you can either see, or you can’t.

    Perhaps a third option is you don’t want to.

    If you believe, as I do, that the political parties as currently construed are utterly corrupt and unable to be righted without major surgery, then Trump appears as a massive gift.

    I’m in the construction industry. 25 years ago, all I built were factories. Tool & Die shops. R & D facilities, labs, and the like.

    Now? Old people’s homes and distribution centers for Chinese shit we used to make here. At pretty much no margin.

    Then there’s my brother in law. A perfect cuck, he works for Oracle selling business hardware, belongs to a private golf club, and he hasn’t missed a bonus once during the whole duration of The Great Recession. If you ask him, things are just ducky, and all Trump will do is fuck up the party (and The Party). He and his wife just early-voted for Kasich.

    When I bring up the plight of our white, black, Mexican working class and underclass, he really just brushes it off. His kids are smart, at Big Ten schools working on business degrees. I ask, what if your kid was just a regular kid? Not all that bright, or maybe better suited to working with his hands? What are regular kids supposed to do to get ahead in their lives in a country that has written them off?

    Not much of an answer on that one. But he’s got his.

    And so it goes.

    I think some generations are luckier than others, and like other Americans, maybe some of us were meant to live in the bad times, or not so good times, that pave the way for brighter times. As the father of two kids in their early twenties, if that’s my fate, I’ll carry it.

    But by God, I’m not giving up without a fight, and I think Mr. Trump is a gift.

  49. Navigator…. Of course I will vote for the Republican candidate, whoever it may be. I am merely explaining to you that *any* Republican candidate/pod other than Trump will move in the direction of global borderless world a tad slower than Hillary, but the direction will be the same. Think, Navigator! …smile…
    …Lady in Red

  50. —-Are the Ben Shapiros, Right Scoops, Dave Blounts and Mendermans just flotsam that can be so easily jettisoned?

    Can Trump be considered a uniter without this coalition in the tent?—

    Yes and yes

  51. Do you think the 10-30 thousand Trump rally attendees give a shit about Breitbart.com or any of the other Right Wing web sites, talk show hosts, radio hosts?
    Trump is a UNITER. His rallies say so.

  52. Chief,
    Yes, you are on the money, however I would like to add those kids/people that work with there hands work for somebody that makes good dollars and spreads it thru a supply chain. When that’s eliminated it will effect guys like your brother in laws earning potential. Most of those guys are too stupid to see that.

  53. Why would anyone – ANYONE – lament the fact that America is waking up?

    Unless, of course, an awakened America is somehow a threat … ?

    That kumbaya bullshit is just pabulum to keep the urban ferals on the plantation and the taxpayers happy (content?) supporting maggotry and parasitism.

    The socialists’ dream has become a feverish nightmare and America is beginning to awaken. Mr. Trump is a manifestation of that awakening (his image, actually, I’m fairly certain that he exists independently of our mental conceptions – fairly certain).

  54. “Can Trump be considered a uniter without this coalition in the tent?”

    that statement predicates that ‘everyone’ should be ‘in the tent’. for whatever reason, there are many that will not join.

    Abe Lincoln, considered one of our greatest presidents, was certainly not considered a ‘uniter’…. even George Washington had his Benedict Arnold.

    (not to say detractors are traitors …. just making a point)

  55. I am disappointed with some of the blogs that I faithfully follow. I for one am tired of the BS “we’re better than that” rhetoric. I’m tired of being accused of being everything from a races to a anti feminist woman hater. I’m tired of the cop hatting protesters. I’m tired of obama and the Clintons. So when someone stands up to these anarchists, Hell yes I’ll support them.

  56. ‘Do you get off on creating mammoth-sized irony? Is that your thing?

    No it’s not my thing but I do find it odd that once any conservative site or person is not on the Trump train they are immediately blasted and they have no credibility anymore. Levin, Pamela Geller, Right scoop, Shapiro, ect ect.

  57. Don’t lump Pamela Geller into the #NeverTrump crowd. She will vote for Trump if he is the nominee and THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES!

  58. Chief and Bad_Brad:

    From an economic and job recovery perspective, I agree with you both. I consider also when Trump says we’ll make our country even greater than it’s ever been, I think he is talking way past our mere survival in these areas. I think his vision for this country includes those who are on neither the white collar nor blue collar “track.” Great societies also have the arts and sciences. We’ve fallen way off in those areas, too. A healthy society is able to support its arts and sciences without the help of its government. And the same for philanthropy. More unnamed individuals do more charitable giving of their time and money than all the DuPonts, Mellons, Gates and their cohort.

    All to say, I am thrilled beyond thrilled that Trump’s understanding that our material prosperity begins and ends with the health of American business — and that he also understands that successful societies include so much more than that. I am looking forward to another American Century.

  59. I find comfort in the following idea and refuse to become emotionally down.

    Robert Prechter (Elliott Wave) predicts a disastrous economic depression is headed our way. He further states that usually in a depression of this magnitude at least one political party and possibly both will dissolve.

    I think he is right and that the Democrat party will disappear and the Republican party RINOs will join to form a new Democrat-Republican party. That leaves the good people of America, regardless of differences, to form a new party. We will just need a leader

    Hie destiny!

  60. BFH take some time off and relax walk a dog or something else you enjoy 🙂 The GOPe is liberal lite and votes against everything we told them we want.They let Obummer walk all over them. I’m sorry but I think you are wrong about Cruz he has been caught in tons of lies.Trump is a breath of fresh air.Cruz will just lie till he gets in then it will be business as usual ,he was trained by Jeb never forget that.

  61. Fur, went back to your original statement where you lamented that you wish Trump (or the phenomena of Trump) never existed


    without the phenomena of Trump what would this election look like? my guess is Cruz would be battling it out with Robio for second behind Jeb!®…. other’s have different opinions, I’m sure.

    we’d all be moaning about how can Jeb!® beat the inevitability of Killary.

  62. Keith Garner…. Wow. Sounds like you went to Harvard Business School, or something. ….Lady in Red

  63. I had quit listening to Medved at 12-3 because of his endless #NeverCruz rants and was happy to find Ben Shapiro again on KRLA to fill the gap after Rush and before…Levin?!? Only on the days he’s not a raving lunatic. I respect Mark Levin a lot but many afternoons he’s completely unlistenable.

    Then, Ben went from portraying Trump as a goofy ‘fat lion’ to the mean and spiteful #NeverTrump. What! What are you doing Ben?!?! You are smarter than this. Gawd.

    My Facebook newsfeed has become even more irrational and maddening. I didn’t think it was possible. Friends vs. friends and even kids vs parents. WTH

    Cruz, Rubio, Kasich come out against Trump after the Chicago rally protest. This ticked off my elderly parents in OHIO so much that they are now going to vote for Trump in the primary.

  64. Don’t dismay Mr. Hat. The only way to prevent all this would be to vote for the approved RINO candidate. If it wasn’t Trump it would be Cruz, Carson, or some other non-approved insurgent candidate receiving the fire. What you are witnessing are the death throes of a panicked and dying party. The establishment feels their power slipping away. They have lost hope and have resorted to being suicide bombers.

  65. “Brother shall turn against brother …”
    That’s all I got. If it’s not prophecy, it has to be some kind of drug being slipped into their drinks. I’m seeing the reputations of good people in the fight for freedom being ruined. Sometimes seemingly self-induced. Has to be a big vat of kool-aid somewhere?

    Help me Mr. Wizard!

  66. Trump didn’t start the fire, but he enjoys throwing gasoline on it.
    As I have said before; the open primary system is the root cause of the demise of the Republican party.
    It has forced upon us candidates that we don’t like to the point where many people are donning tinfoil hats and ranting about some magical ‘establishment’.
    The pinnacle of this is manifested in Trump, a Democrat that hopped into a phone booth, changed his shirt and rode into town to save the Republicans.
    Problem is that most Republicans don’t like the guy. On top of that, most people don’t like the guy. Heck, more Republicans voted for Romney in the primaries than are voting for Trump (so, who’s the loser?).
    My main beef, though, is that at no time in history has a person in trumps position vis-à-vis his party ever won the presidency.
    Sure there is a first time for everything, but consider that until he bailed on that Chicago gig his support had been falling. After this bump the fall will resume.
    Also, like with McCain and Romney, the crossover Democrat voters will likely once again, vote Democrat in the primary.
    I don’t think he wants to win, and that is why he has backed down on his signature item, the wall. informing us that he will not seal the border is causing massive distress among those supporting him for his border security positions.

  67. I’ve asserted this several times and I’m going to do it again:
    Any country with an electorate that puts a Barack Obama in the White House TWICE is beyond reclamation or redemption

    It’s symptomatic of an accompanying cultural, social and economic implosion in progress ,designed and fostered by an ideologically corrupt media .The only correction or remedy is going be a war or economic disaster.

    The 2016 Trump phenomenon and election season fiasco is simply the early political upheaval rumblings of the impending corrective earthquake.

    What’s coming is going to be ugly.

  68. Fur,


    I’m very, very depressed too. I can’t tell you everything will be better one way or the other but I suspect you have some of the same feelings as me. I admit I am not as prone to think things through all the way to the conclusion but let me ramble for a bit in a bit of free thought.

    I am depressed because in 2008 Obama was elected and we knew exactly what was going to happen. Some folks saw things as worse, some as better than they turned out but we all knew things were going to be ground up and churned out to some extent.

    We had just faced a huge financial debacle where we all had to bail out our banks so we wouldn’t have a financial collapse. We knew the “Stimulus” would become the new baseline federal budget mark for each year. Cash for clunkers was another “Great” expenditure to get people to get people to spend money they didn’t have for things they could do without to save our automobile manufacturers.

    In 2010 we elected Republicans to take over the Senate where they promptly did nothing.

    In 2012 we watched the MSM and Mittens fumble the football while Christie and Obama bumped uglies arm in arm on the beaches of New Jersey.

    In 2014 we gave the Republicans the total control of Congress where they have continued to do nothing.

    I do not have hope in anything from Washington.

    I’ve watched us fumble Afghanistan where we kicked the Taliban out and then tried to build a nation where the tribes there don’t even understand the concept. We’ve left a void which Daesh is filling.

    I’ve watched us fumble Iraq where we ousted a murderous tyrant who killed his own people for amusement and control. We tried to build a democracy there only to find that, for the most part, the Iraqi people only understand being ruled by people they fear. We’ve left a void Daesh is filling.

    I’ve watched as we decimated Lybia and killed a tyrant who was at least stable in the region. We’ve now left a void which Daesh is filling.

    If Russia hadn’t intervened in Syria we would have toppled Assad and left another void for Daesh to fill.

    Sadly, I trust Putin far more than I do Obama.

    Now, we look at 2016 and we’re faced with Trump? I have been lied to for so long I don’t know what to believe. People think he’s a plant to force the GOP to lose the election. Personally, I don’t think so, we do that fine on our own.

    I think he talks loud and brash for impact. He wants to intimidate you to get the best position he can and he can always soften his position to make you feel like you’ve won something from him. It’s smart negotiating (something the GOP doesn’t understand).

    But will he, or will he be another thug who doesn’t follow the Constitution?

    Anyway, enough rambling from me for now. I’ve just been burned so much and lied to by so many, I dislike them all. None of them give me “Hope”.

  69. @ Tots – “It’s smart negotiating (something the GOP doesn’t understand).” And marketing, media buying (as in ad placement – buying the pundits is Democrat territory) and the voting strength of the working-middle class. This is why Trump is getting mileage.

    At this point, I’m getting a kick out of someone who’s talking positive about me, in my position. I’m tired of hearing negative ideas about condemning other because they have, and praising those that don’t. There’ll always those that are richer and poorer, get over it and you will be successful in your own right. And happier. And have more beer 🙂

  70. For all who deeply distrust or even nervously doubt Trump’s stand on the constitution, Anderson Cooper tried to set him up for a big fail on this question just the other day. Anderson asked him the question in a way that could not be mistaken, he used all the Left’s buzz phrases: “Do you think the constitution is a living document or….”

    Without even a split second’s pause, Trump said (paraphrasing) that the constitution may be the greatest written document in history and is not a malleable, “living” document. He went further to reiterate that it is the basis of our freedoms, our laws and who we are as a people.

    (I searched YT for the clip, but all I see are full AC interviews. So if you doubt what I’ve written, go through all those interviews yourself. It was last week, sometime.)

  71. How fast will the Trumpets take the Don to task for being “even MORE nuanced” after he gets his orders from the banksters ??
    When does he start “building the wall” (union? Nonunion? spanish speakers?)- with the great big beautiful door – so they can get back in again ?
    When does he reduce Govt spending ? by 10% every year,every dept ? – the way McGovern swore he would de-fund the Military?

    Have NOT heard ANY of them talk about removing the 500,000 pages of Bummer-imposed NEW laws, rules, regulations, and restrictions ?
    Nor anything about removing the 50 years of shitty, commie indoctrination from the public schools.
    (Gee, why is it that millenials think 35-40% of the general public are homosexuals ?)

  72. Will a Trump presidency be a firestorm? Absolutely. I’m not afraid because it will be a purifying fire. I believe Trump when he says he wants to make America great again. If he’s lying there will be Hell to pay.

  73. So what you are saying is that it is better to sacrifice the virtually powerless American who is working hard, paying taxes and Voting FOR TRUMP in order to preserve the “reputations” of Harvard Law Grad pundits. Thats peachy. Trump has unified the American Patriot who has followed the rules, worked hard, saved a bit and remained underrepresented in Washington DC for decades– but to quote the Elites in charge–all he has going for him is the votes. How do you not see the carefully choreographed media scheme that Shapiro and Fields participated in? The growing drumbeat of there being “violence” at Trump rallies–blah blah blah so it seems credible when a reporter fakes and injury–and by looking at the arm bruises on her they were self inflicted–ginning up the rhetoric so that when somebody successfully injures or kills Trump its all excusable and expected. WTF.

  74. Trump is a uniter. I never thought I’d see the day when I agreed with anything Lady in Red had to say. See; it’s already working!

  75. “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

  76. No BFH I don’t think that. My comment was geared more toward the Trump supporters who leave comments. Trump supporters who used to listen to Mark Levin, Dana Loesch or used to like TRS or Moonbattery ect now bash anyone who doesn’t tow the Trump line, I hope I made that clear. I like your site it’s pretty tame compared to others.

  77. chiefillinicake… Man. You spoke for me entirely. I will send what you (and many others) said here to my 3 daughters who are all in college, almost done and really not sure what future they will have… Jobs have been hard for them to find since they were teens, i.e. since about 8 years ago. They leave college without loans.. worked their butts off to get scholarships and paid their way and they got little money from their poor parents. Literally, poor. We were doing ok until Obama.

    They are all Trump voters surrounded by Bernie voters.

  78. Trump on the Constitution (or at least mouthing a platitude in order to get to the comment he really wants to make);


    Yeah, yeah, the Constitution is set in stone, yeah yeah it’s one of the great documents of all time, but hey I want to talk about how it says we have to make deals.

    I love the change in tempo and his lack of excitement for the Constitution until he can use it to say it requires you to make DEALS.

    With all the Pro-Trump sites it took all of 5 seconds to find…..

  79. without Trump, Jeb and Rubicube would still be in the race. Without Trump, there would be little chance of curing the GOP of its cancer. Without Trump, FOX would not have been exposed. Without Trump, the border would not be an issue.

    Wish it didnt have to come to this, but it does.

  80. Are all of you (except Boom) saying you’ve never heard the audio of Andrew Breitbart smirking about Trump being a conservative? I’ve probably heard him say, “He’s not a conservative. Anyone who donates to Nancy Pelosi is not a conservative.” (or something akin to that) about four separate times in the past two weeks.

    Shapiro and Fields aren’t the only staffers to quit Trumpbart. Two more went this afternoon. Nat’l Security Correspondent Jordan Schachtel and Assoc. Editor Jarrett Stepman also resigned.

    Every time I see Trump, I have to mute whatever he’s on. He’s just like Obama: flim-flam man. When has this showboat EVER done anything for the little guy? Well, there were those times he used Polish and Mexican illegals to build stuff for him and then didn’t pay them. He can’t name anything in govt he’d cut. I believe those recent remarks about the Constitution came about because people were hammering him about never mentioning it.

  81. Fur, you are clutching at pearls. Shapiro has shown just how shallow he is and I hope he is happy wherever he turns up next, for however short a period that may be.

  82. Bitterclinger, i see each and every one of those candidates as film flam man, but I chose Trump because he has accomplished something outside of government. And I have heard him at the debates and on campaign speeches say he would cut the Dept of Education, whack back the EPA and eliminate Obamacare.

    Politicians are a sleazy bunch. To trust any of them out of your sight is asking for trouble.

  83. Wow, throughout that “short” 9 minute video I kept waiting for the pastor to begin the revival and declare the laying on of virtual hands to “Mr. Trump”.

    So now that Mr. Trump is doing it, does that mean it is cool again to be Christian and run for office?

  84. We have a chance to elect a man of intellect — Ted Cruz — a slam dunk candidate who’ll change the supreme court for the better.

    I thought we were conservatives here, or are we subject to cults of personality. We need a candidate with principles. We have a very “Reaganesque” one.

    People have seen me on IOTW since the beginning. I served in AFG. I’m no liberal. Ted Cruz is my candidate. I don’t see any other true conservative in the race who can win.

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