“Hitler Brigde”

I’m more disgusted with the vandal’s bad spelling than the Nazi messaging on this bicycle bridge in Grafton, WI. Here

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  1. C’mon, at least give him/her/them… (ad infinitum) some credit for at least knowing that there should be a “D” in “bridge”.

  2. Now, why couldn’t the vandals follow the lead of other prog and antifa pathfinders and simply take a big dump in the middle of the pavement? While disgusting and unsanitary, it could simply be hosed off.

  3. I was not aware that the kroutskis had achieverated their goat of complete and total brigde before they were surrenderized by the ally-eyed forceps back in WW eye eye.

  4. I know there’s an anagram in there somewhere. I’d challenge Antifa if only they could spell.

  5. Grafton’s a nice town. Whatever knucklehead(s) is doing this should be sentenced to earn their GED in jail.

  6. whoa….for a moment there, i thot this was grafton west virginia….

    so happy it’s not US, this time…..

    so yeah, go make fun of THEM….this time….


  7. They were only celebrating one the world’s Best / Most Successful – Gun-Control Advocates, Why are they upset?


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